Cat Websites Should Fight Declawing

Cat websites should fight declawing for these reasons:

Debt of Gratitude

Without the domestic cat there would be no funny cat pictures, no funny cat videos, no websites built on the back of all that the domestic cat offers to society. Millions of dollars are made out of writing about the domestic cat and presenting images of the domestic cat on the internet. At the very least, owners of cat sites should pay a little back and consider cat welfare at a most profound level because declawing is about cat welfare at the most basic of levels. It is done at the behest of, and for the convenience of, the cat’s owner and is a brutal mutilation of a significant part of the beautiful anatomy of the domestic cat. So the first reason why cat websites should fight declawing is as a thank you for allowing them to make money out of the cat.

Cat Welfare

A central feature of cat websites is cat welfare and how to improve it. Declawing a cat is the antithesis of cat welfare. It is cat mutilation for no therapeutic reason. To fight against it, is to fight for cat welfare. To ignore it is a failure to discharge a cat website’s obligation to address all issues of cat welfare. The second reason is that declawing is an important topic within the subject of cat welfare.

Stop Declawing
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Sitting on the Fence.

The reason why cat websites don’t fight cat declawing is because the owners of these websites are concerned that they will lose visitors because a large percentage of the people who are part of the biggest domestic cat market, North America, declaw their cat or cats.

A lot of cat websites, such as and sit on the fence. They’ll write about cat declawing but they won’t decry it with conviction. They won’t fight against it. They just report it as if it’s a news story. That is not good enough as far as I’m concerned. I don’t believe you can present a “balanced discussion” on the topic of declawing. It is bad, very bad and should be stopped and that is all that needs to be said.

Doing the Opposite

Some sites actively promote or encourage cat declawing. These are usually veterinarian websites. The owners of these sites should know better.  A good example is the website: They have a page where they proudly declare (in complete ignorance of the vet’s oath): has the most complete directory of declawing across the country. Enter your zip code to find declawing in your area.

Idiots. They have a map where you can pin point a vet who declaws. Don’t bother. 99% of all American vets declaw cats (as at date of post). You don’t need a map. Just ring your nearest vet.

Need to Improve Cat Welfare

There is an obvious need to improve cat welfare. The most pressing issues concerning cat welfare are:

  • Declawing
  • The production of unwanted domestic cats and their legalised killing.

All cat websites have a duty to address these difficult subjects without fear or favour.

Selection of pages on PoC about Declawing. Each one is a fight against it. My thanks to Ruth aka Kattaddorra for pointing out the LocalVets site to me.

31 thoughts on “Cat Websites Should Fight Declawing”

  1. Declawing a cat should be illegal in all countries. It is an extremely cruel surgery and is usually done for the convenience of the owner of the cat. More people need to be made aware of how cruel the procedure of declawing really is and how it affects the welfare of the cat. Most cats really suffer and are in agony. I’ve been told that it can be compared to us getting our fingers severed. A cat’s claws are an integral part of their anatomy–they need their claws to get the complete stretch for their muscular system and for the ability to defend themselves against predators. I can’t imagine the pain that a cat goes through when it is declawed. People have told me of situations where a cat was declawed and the cat’s behavior and personality was greatly altered because of this horrible and cruel procedure. If someone’s furniture is more important than their cat’s welfare because they decide to declaw their cat, than they don’t care about their cat enough and should find it another and more loving, caring home that will not choose to declaw the cat.

    Don’t get a cat if you plan to declaw it–let someone else give the cat a loving home that will not declaw it.

    • Thank you for supporting this page Tatijana. As I say in the article I would like to see all cat sites fight this cruel operation for the sake of sanity and decency.

  2. I agree cat websites and any fan of cats anywhere should always be fighting against the declawing of cats. A couple years ago my (now) husband’s cousin adopted a kitten and had her front paws declawed…fast forward 2 years and that cat is now living with us. Why? Because, surprise surprise, the cat (Izzy) developed behavior problems! They were going to dump her in a shelter but she was rescued from that by my mother-in-law, who thought we could keep her since we keep our cats inside and obviously, declawed cats can’t go outside. Every day I see Izzy struggle because she has no claws on her front paws…she can’t balance well, she can’t climb the cat trees we have, she shakes her front paws because she knows something is missing and she can’t stand being around our other cats because they have claws and she feels unprotected…not that the other kitties hurt her or anything, it’s like she has post traumatic stress or something. It breaks my heart. I’d never considered declawing a cat before and after my experience with Izzy, I don’t know how anyone could ever consider doing that to their pet.

  3. The procedure of declawing cats strikes me as pure cruelty and barbarism without any redeeming merit! Having spent time in Britain, I was deeply impressed with the superior level of awareness and concern that the British seem to have on animal welfare issues when compared to us Americans. It is one area where it would not be rivalry for Americans to attempt to catch up with the rest of the world.

    • Thanks Howard. Declawing is unique to North America and frankly it really surprises me that it happens. It is an aberration. Americans are good with the domestic cat in general. What happened?

  4. Thank you to the people from the facebook anti declaw groups for following the link and coming here to comment, adding to the regular supporters who value Michael’s PoC very much for all the educational pages on the cruelty of declawing.
    PoC is helping to save cats paws by this education and support and with more and more cat lovers fighting for a ban we WILL win one day!

  5. The only thing declawing is good for is boosting a veterinarian’s profit margin. If a vet pushes declawing and doesn’t *at least* discuss alternative strategies with a client who requests it, s/he’s interested in his own “bottom line” rather than the welfare of the cat-patient.

    • Absolutely and the sad thing is that vets, through their representatives at the AVMA fight tooth and claw (excuse the sick pun) to keep the business of declawing in tact, which forces me to conclude that they are more concerned with the bottom line than the welfare of cats.

  6. Thanks Michael for this article. And Barbara, your words brought tears to my eyes – you’ve said it all really. I live in Canada where cat declawing still continues to be performed. I have written to BCSPCA, various Veterinary Associations ,PETA , and several other animal rights groups all of them have responded. But nobody is doing anything to stop this heinous act. I feel it should be banned in North America. I don’t think just public education is enough because there are still going to be those cat owners who will have it done anyway. The only group actively trying to get cat declawing in the US banned is and here in Canada : Adopt Me Canada.


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