Cat Websites Should Fight Declawing

Cat websites should fight declawing for these reasons:

Debt of Gratitude

Without the domestic cat there would be no funny cat pictures, no funny cat videos, no websites built on the back of all that the domestic cat offers to society. Millions of dollars are made out of writing about the domestic cat and presenting images of the domestic cat on the internet. At the very least, owners of cat sites should pay a little back and consider cat welfare at a most profound level because declawing is about cat welfare at the most basic of levels. It is done at the behest of, and for the convenience of, the cat’s owner and is a brutal mutilation of a significant part of the beautiful anatomy of the domestic cat. So the first reason why cat websites should fight declawing is as a thank you for allowing them to make money out of the cat.

Cat Welfare

A central feature of cat websites is cat welfare and how to improve it. Declawing a cat is the antithesis of cat welfare. It is cat mutilation for no therapeutic reason. To fight against it, is to fight for cat welfare. To ignore it is a failure to discharge a cat website’s obligation to address all issues of cat welfare. The second reason is that declawing is an important topic within the subject of cat welfare.

Stop Declawing
T-Shirt by Michael. Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment. It is a way to help animal welfare without much effort at no cost. Comments help this website too, which is about animal welfare.

Sitting on the Fence.

The reason why cat websites don’t fight cat declawing is because the owners of these websites are concerned that they will lose visitors because a large percentage of the people who are part of the biggest domestic cat market, North America, declaw their cat or cats.

A lot of cat websites, such as and sit on the fence. They’ll write about cat declawing but they won’t decry it with conviction. They won’t fight against it. They just report it as if it’s a news story. That is not good enough as far as I’m concerned. I don’t believe you can present a “balanced discussion” on the topic of declawing. It is bad, very bad and should be stopped and that is all that needs to be said.

Doing the Opposite

Some sites actively promote or encourage cat declawing. These are usually veterinarian websites. The owners of these sites should know better.  A good example is the website: They have a page where they proudly declare (in complete ignorance of the vet’s oath): has the most complete directory of declawing across the country. Enter your zip code to find declawing in your area.

Idiots. They have a map where you can pin point a vet who declaws. Don’t bother. 99% of all American vets declaw cats (as at date of post). You don’t need a map. Just ring your nearest vet.

Need to Improve Cat Welfare

There is an obvious need to improve cat welfare. The most pressing issues concerning cat welfare are:

  • Declawing
  • The production of unwanted domestic cats and their legalised killing.

All cat websites have a duty to address these difficult subjects without fear or favour.

Selection of pages on PoC about Declawing. Each one is a fight against it. My thanks to Ruth aka Kattaddorra for pointing out the LocalVets site to me.

31 thoughts on “Cat Websites Should Fight Declawing”

  1. You know, no matter how angry we get, at the day, we can return to our sweet, loving-eyed cats, and give them an endearing eyeful(never mind the tidbit or morsel) in return. God bless ’em!

    Ruth? You keep up that feisty behavior, because -God Bless You!- I love it!

  2. Michael, Ruth(K),

    I was not able to get to talk with my Dr. Becky Arnold today. (It is Monday, after all–to be fair, I am not going to make some smartass remark about how busy her day was in Surgery).

    I want that t-shirt, Michael. Two of them, one for me and one for my daughter.

    • You want that t-shirt. Good for you. That shirt was designed for the St. Louis Anti-Declaw Protest about two years ago that never happened. It currently only exists as a drawing sadly.

  3. This is how I see it,cats were born with claws,therefore should be able to live a full life with their claws ,I tell people ‘How would you like your finger nails/toe nails ripped out’ well they wouldn’t ,so I say cats should have the right to keep their nails,I love my 2 cats and they have their claws 🙂

  4. Poor Izzy, I’m glad you rescued her Carly and understand her problems, she would more than likely have been killed in a Shelter as unadoptable.
    It makes me very angry that so many vets keep on denying that declawing causes cats mental and physical problems, they really are not fit to call themselves animal doctors because they only care about making money and not in the least about crippling cats day after day and causing them a lifetime of suffering.

    • Thanks, Ruth. We’re glad we stuck it out with her too. At first we didn’t think Izzy would like anybody, but now she’s the cat in our house that’s the most likely to curl up on your lap and let you pet her for hours. 🙂
      She’s still not a huge fan of our other cats, and if she’s not in the mood to be pet it’s best to leave her alone, but she can be so so sweet when she wants to be. Every day I see her little paws though and I just feel so bad for her. I just don’t know why someone would do that to their pet; it boggles the mind.

      • Thank you Carly for allowing me to use your words about Izzy for an article based on her, here on PoC, which Michael will be putting on today.
        Real life stories about how sad true cat lovers feel seeing declawed cats having problems are very valuable in educating people about this cruel life changing surgery.


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