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  1. You know, no matter how angry we get, at the day, we can return to our sweet, loving-eyed cats, and give them an endearing eyeful(never mind the tidbit or morsel) in return. God bless ’em!

    Ruth? You keep up that feisty behavior, because -God Bless You!- I love it!

  2. Michael, Ruth(K),

    I was not able to get to talk with my Dr. Becky Arnold today. (It is Monday, after all–to be fair, I am not going to make some smartass remark about how busy her day was in Surgery).

    I want that t-shirt, Michael. Two of them, one for me and one for my daughter.

    • You want that t-shirt. Good for you. That shirt was designed for the St. Louis Anti-Declaw Protest about two years ago that never happened. It currently only exists as a drawing sadly.

  3. This is how I see it,cats were born with claws,therefore should be able to live a full life with their claws ,I tell people ‘How would you like your finger nails/toe nails ripped out’ well they wouldn’t ,so I say cats should have the right to keep their nails,I love my 2 cats and they have their claws 🙂

  4. Poor Izzy, I’m glad you rescued her Carly and understand her problems, she would more than likely have been killed in a Shelter as unadoptable.
    It makes me very angry that so many vets keep on denying that declawing causes cats mental and physical problems, they really are not fit to call themselves animal doctors because they only care about making money and not in the least about crippling cats day after day and causing them a lifetime of suffering.

    • Thanks, Ruth. We’re glad we stuck it out with her too. At first we didn’t think Izzy would like anybody, but now she’s the cat in our house that’s the most likely to curl up on your lap and let you pet her for hours. 🙂
      She’s still not a huge fan of our other cats, and if she’s not in the mood to be pet it’s best to leave her alone, but she can be so so sweet when she wants to be. Every day I see her little paws though and I just feel so bad for her. I just don’t know why someone would do that to their pet; it boggles the mind.

      • Thank you Carly for allowing me to use your words about Izzy for an article based on her, here on PoC, which Michael will be putting on today.
        Real life stories about how sad true cat lovers feel seeing declawed cats having problems are very valuable in educating people about this cruel life changing surgery.

  5. Declawing a cat should be illegal in all countries. It is an extremely cruel surgery and is usually done for the convenience of the owner of the cat. More people need to be made aware of how cruel the procedure of declawing really is and how it affects the welfare of the cat. Most cats really suffer and are in agony. I’ve been told that it can be compared to us getting our fingers severed. A cat’s claws are an integral part of their anatomy–they need their claws to get the complete stretch for their muscular system and for the ability to defend themselves against predators. I can’t imagine the pain that a cat goes through when it is declawed. People have told me of situations where a cat was declawed and the cat’s behavior and personality was greatly altered because of this horrible and cruel procedure. If someone’s furniture is more important than their cat’s welfare because they decide to declaw their cat, than they don’t care about their cat enough and should find it another and more loving, caring home that will not choose to declaw the cat.

    Don’t get a cat if you plan to declaw it–let someone else give the cat a loving home that will not declaw it.

    • Thank you for supporting this page Tatijana. As I say in the article I would like to see all cat sites fight this cruel operation for the sake of sanity and decency.

  6. I agree cat websites and any fan of cats anywhere should always be fighting against the declawing of cats. A couple years ago my (now) husband’s cousin adopted a kitten and had her front paws declawed…fast forward 2 years and that cat is now living with us. Why? Because, surprise surprise, the cat (Izzy) developed behavior problems! They were going to dump her in a shelter but she was rescued from that by my mother-in-law, who thought we could keep her since we keep our cats inside and obviously, declawed cats can’t go outside. Every day I see Izzy struggle because she has no claws on her front paws…she can’t balance well, she can’t climb the cat trees we have, she shakes her front paws because she knows something is missing and she can’t stand being around our other cats because they have claws and she feels unprotected…not that the other kitties hurt her or anything, it’s like she has post traumatic stress or something. It breaks my heart. I’d never considered declawing a cat before and after my experience with Izzy, I don’t know how anyone could ever consider doing that to their pet.

  7. The procedure of declawing cats strikes me as pure cruelty and barbarism without any redeeming merit! Having spent time in Britain, I was deeply impressed with the superior level of awareness and concern that the British seem to have on animal welfare issues when compared to us Americans. It is one area where it would not be rivalry for Americans to attempt to catch up with the rest of the world.

    • Thanks Howard. Declawing is unique to North America and frankly it really surprises me that it happens. It is an aberration. Americans are good with the domestic cat in general. What happened?

  8. Thank you to the people from the facebook anti declaw groups for following the link and coming here to comment, adding to the regular supporters who value Michael’s PoC very much for all the educational pages on the cruelty of declawing.
    PoC is helping to save cats paws by this education and support and with more and more cat lovers fighting for a ban we WILL win one day!

  9. The only thing declawing is good for is boosting a veterinarian’s profit margin. If a vet pushes declawing and doesn’t *at least* discuss alternative strategies with a client who requests it, s/he’s interested in his own “bottom line” rather than the welfare of the cat-patient.

    • Absolutely and the sad thing is that vets, through their representatives at the AVMA fight tooth and claw (excuse the sick pun) to keep the business of declawing in tact, which forces me to conclude that they are more concerned with the bottom line than the welfare of cats.

  10. Thanks Michael for this article. And Barbara, your words brought tears to my eyes – you’ve said it all really. I live in Canada where cat declawing still continues to be performed. I have written to BCSPCA, various Veterinary Associations ,PETA , and several other animal rights groups all of them have responded. But nobody is doing anything to stop this heinous act. I feel it should be banned in North America. I don’t think just public education is enough because there are still going to be those cat owners who will have it done anyway. The only group actively trying to get cat declawing in the US banned is Pawproject.org and here in Canada : Adopt Me Canada.

  11. These websites need to include information on why declawing is bad for your cat, and provide info on how to accommodate the clawing instinct. Links to sites selling the best clawing apparatus should be provided.

    Then there is the “backyard breeding” issue. There are still many people who fail to see how this negatively affects the welfare of cats (and dogs). All these website need to strongly emphasize the importance of adopting from a shelter.

  12. Yes good article Micheal exposing the cold hearted monsters who promote declawing. Good one too Barbara websites promoting declawing and the butchers who do it are the lowest form of life.

  13. I fully agree. It is a disgrace that some countries have not made declawing illegal yet. While I hope that laws will be changed eventually, it is very important to raise awareness now. How could anybody want to cause his or her faithful companion lifelong pain? I am grateful to have four happy and healthy cats, and I love them complete with their claws.

  14. I can never think how declawing got started, some vet or scientist, sometime – am I right it was about 25-30 years ago? – must have sat and thought about cats claws and decided cats would be “better” without the pointy sharp bits. So he or she must have talked it over with other people who thought the same and decided to do something about it. Cue hundreds, thousands of cats first dead then very much alive having their paws mangled while these oafs perfected declawing, imagine what the poor creatures must have gone through and what state their poor paws must have been left in. And for many many years pain relief wasn’t even considered necessary, I can’t believe it, ten/eighteen amputations and no pain relief!!!!! Did they think that cats didn’t feel pain, did they care? Do they even care now?

    I don’t think so, I don’t think that any vet who advertises themself as available to declaw a cat cares a fig about the cat, or the pain and suffering he/she is causing, I don’t think a cat owner (yes owner) who subjects their cat to declawing cares a fig about the pain and fear the cat will feel, their cat is a possession (owned)and therefore can be adapted to their (the owner’s) specification.

    And as for those who dedicate a website to making it easy for cruel, unfeeling, selfish owners to locate a vet willing to lop off their cats toes, words fail me, they are lower than snakes bellies.

    Declawing cats stinks, and if you’ll forgive me for being a bit blunt it stinks of cats blood, cats fear, cats pee and poop in cold cages,with blood up the walls and paws tightly bandaged to prevent haemmorhaging, pain relief if they’re lucky and their owner is willing to spend a few extra bob for it.

    I have nothing but contempt for those involved in declawing, be it the one who does it, the one who wants it done or the one who enables the two to meet by providing a list of willing butchers.

    • Fantastic article Michael.
      Barbara as always you have said it as it should be said and pulled no punches especially as owners pick their cats up in a clean bandaged paws nice and neat condition when as you rightly say only hours earlier that cat was covered in blood terrified out of its wits and in agony.
      So yes websites should state how bad declawing is!
      I get angry and upset every time I read about declawing and I get even more angry about all the selfish owners and vets who inflict it.
      Its vile, disgusting and totally uneccessary and those who carry it out should be jailed for animal cruelty.

  15. Great article thanks Michael, you have a way with words!
    Declawing is a cruel operation which causes cats to be disabled for life, so how can any website, in all conscience advertise it.
    Some people are still ignorant of the fact that declawing is not ‘just’ removing the claws (bad enough) but amputating the cats last toe joints, TEN amputations (EIGHTEEN if the back paws are declawed too)
    Websites should be educating those people about this cruel surgery, not advertising the vets who do it, bad enough many of those vets advertise it themselves along with the neutering of little kittens or with discount, they actually WANT to break their oath to cause no animal to suffer.
    Yes it’s all about them making money but we know who pays the real price for this…….

    • Thanks Ruth. I am convinced that all websites that feature cats should fight for their welfare. Domestic, feral and wild cats all have very serious welfare problems. These are the real topics.

  16. Mi ne podpiramo striženja nohtov mačkam – Slovensko

    Great article. I agree. Its only fair if they are going to make a ton of money of cats to actually stick up for their basic rights – thereby making them look honourable in the process. I personally think the people who declaw dont visit cat sites. Therefore its probable nothing more than great publicity for them to stand against it.

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