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Cat Years to Human Years

Here are two ways to work out cat years to human years. The top calculator is a useful third party gizmo. It will calculate to the month! That depends on whether you know your cats age to the month. The spreadsheet data below contains two sources for accuracy.

A notable feature of comparing cat age to human age is that you cannot simply multiply a cat’s age by a certain figure to come to a figure for human age as a cat ages faster during the first two years of its life compared to humans. This throws out a simple calculation. I have included a multiplier on the RHS of the spreadsheet and, as can be seen, the factor varies throughout. Also the chart shows estimates. This is because individual cats age at different rates.

It is said that the average house cat lives to 15 years of age1, with many cats living well into their 20s. A cat’s lifespan depends on:

  • Inherited genetics
  • Nutrition
  • Environmental issues such as stress levels
  • Whether the cat is purebred or random bred

In the wild the situation is different. I have read that feral cats live to three years but 6 years is also quoted. The differences between the domestic and feral cat in terms of factors that affect age can be summarised as follows:

FactorDomestic CatFeral Cat
Exposure to accidentsLimitedHigh
Exposure to diseaseLimitedHigh

Cat years to human years calculators interest people because we want to get a feel how old our cat is in our terms.

From cat years to human years to cat health problems.


1. Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook by Drs Carlson and Giffin

and as stated.

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