Cat cafés are great for people too

Cat cafés disprove the conventional view of animal behaviorists and experts that cats are solitary creatures who can’t get on with other cats. Selected cats do get along with each other because over 10,000 years of domestication they have adapted to communal living. It is an ongoing process but choose the right mix of cats and it’ll work out. There are many successful cat cafés in Asia and they are starting up in England. There are 39 in Tokyo for example. The one in the video is in Seoul, Korea.

It is interesting that the well known cat rescue organisation, Cats Protection, criticise cat cafés. They say the cats will be stressed because they are indoors all the time meeting different people. I agree that a constant stream of different people can make a cat anxious but it depends on the cat. A lot of cats are laid back about noise and different people being around. Provided the cats are well chosen for temperament and well socialised I don’t see a problem. Also there is no need for the cats to be confined to indoors. Surely it is possible to select a site for the café that has a back yard for the cats to enjoy.

The South West of England is quite trendy these days. It is a retirement and holiday area. They don’t like big business in that neck of the woods. They much prefer local businesses as they help to create a community. The town of Totnes, south Devon, turned down a new Costa coffee house but gladly accepted a cat café opened by an individual who is a former wildlife hospital owner, Liz Dyas. She has selected suitable cats and made sure they are relaxed about meeting new people. She also has a special area for the cats….

“….their own luxury accommodation back in our garden, a large chalet with its own garden and aerial tree runs,” says Liz

We know that cat cafés are at least potentially good for cats because they are a home for cats. I am sure some unwanted cats find themselves wanted at a cat café.

Meeting People

The great advantage of a cat café for a person is that you are amongst like-minded people. People who like cats. Also a person is almost bound to engage in cat talk with another person, stranger or not. A charming cat mooching around is a great topic for conversation and an ice-breaker. A cat is a ready made topic.

There is no doubt in my mind that cat cafés are a good idea for cats and people. Customers are going to be cat lovers and they are nice people 😉 A great place to find a soul mate.

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Cat cafés are great for people too — 6 Comments

  1. I’m usually concerned about cats in public places but Liz Dyas seems to have thought all this out carefully with the welfare of the cats coming first.
    I like it that she has selected sociable relaxed cats and that they have their own luxury accommodation with its own garden etc.
    She is obviously a great cat lover so I’m sure those cats will be happy.
    Cats Protection is a wonderful organisation but can be a bit strict about some things, they should be glad some homeless cats are going to have attention and be loved.
    I hope the cat café is a success, I have two friends in Devon, maybe one of them will go and visit it one day and report back.

    • Thanks by the way Ruth for finding this story for me. Appreciated. I plan to go to the London Cat Cafe in the not too distant future if it is open to make a video about it. I think Liz has done a really nice job as far as I can tell. I believe cat cafes can work as long as the cats are managed and cared for properly and the owner loves and understands cats.

  2. This is th e most fun I’ve had, in a long time, Why don’t we have these here? We are going to introduce this concept to oujr veterinarians, aren’t we? lol I don’t think i’ve ever laughed this hard….L!

  3. Oh my, I laughing so hard Michael. lol. shoot Look at this, guys, this is exactly what I would absolutely love adore here in america! 😀
    “There’s an alien on my table!” love it! 🙂 prrrrrrr…… prrrr

  4. Next time I am in London I want to visit the cat cafe there. Has anyone been? Michael? I assume it’s opened – the east end right?

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