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Cat cafés are great for people too — 6 Comments

  1. I’m usually concerned about cats in public places but Liz Dyas seems to have thought all this out carefully with the welfare of the cats coming first.
    I like it that she has selected sociable relaxed cats and that they have their own luxury accommodation with its own garden etc.
    She is obviously a great cat lover so I’m sure those cats will be happy.
    Cats Protection is a wonderful organisation but can be a bit strict about some things, they should be glad some homeless cats are going to have attention and be loved.
    I hope the cat café is a success, I have two friends in Devon, maybe one of them will go and visit it one day and report back.

    • Thanks by the way Ruth for finding this story for me. Appreciated. I plan to go to the London Cat Cafe in the not too distant future if it is open to make a video about it. I think Liz has done a really nice job as far as I can tell. I believe cat cafes can work as long as the cats are managed and cared for properly and the owner loves and understands cats.

  2. This is th e most fun I’ve had, in a long time, Why don’t we have these here? We are going to introduce this concept to oujr veterinarians, aren’t we? lol I don’t think i’ve ever laughed this hard….L!

  3. Oh my, I laughing so hard Michael. lol. shoot Look at this, guys, this is exactly what I would absolutely love adore here in america! 😀
    “There’s an alien on my table!” love it! 🙂 prrrrrrr…… prrrr

  4. Next time I am in London I want to visit the cat cafe there. Has anyone been? Michael? I assume it’s opened – the east end right?

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