Cat learns to knock on door and finds it effective

This is surely a case of a cat learning by observing his/her human companion and then employing what he has learned to good effect. It is a cat behaving very much like a person, actually, and I think it puts the cat in a new light. It reminds me of the cat who is watching boxing on television and mimics the boxers. Our behavior rubs off onto our cats.

Cat knocks on door
Cat knocks on door
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I think a lot of people should reassess their attitude towards the cat. The domestic cat is a smart animal who is observing all the time, is constantly vigilant and finding ways of getting his way.

I have embedded two versions of this video because dw has told me one (the 2nd one down) does not work properly):

There is also an impressive amount of persistence in this cat. He keeps going until he gets a result. This is typical of cats. It is small wonder that cats can train people. In fact, this video is an example. It is a circuitous process.

The cat sees a human knocking on the door panel (this looks like a Japanese or Asian home). He sees that it is effective and copies it. He has learned by observation. Cats are known to do this. They learn from their cat mother and relatives.

Then the cat knocks on the door and eventually through persistence the human learns to know that it is the cat and he lets him in. The style of door knocking is definitely not human so the person inside must know that the cat wants to get in. This cat also becomes impatient after a while – a human trait. You can tell because he meows in frustration.

Notice too that the cat’s mate follows him in rapidly. This cat is working on behalf of his associate and has trained his human as well – impressive cat and he looks it.

The cat doing the knocking is a grey cat. He might be a moggie. Although he could be a Korat and the country could be Thailand. The Korat has a long history equivalent to the Siamese and is a Thai cat. This cat is believed to bring good fortune. In this instance, he also brings a demanding nature for equal rights and to be fed on time – please.

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  1. I love this! I have never had a knocker; but, my Cora is a door scratcher when ready to come in. Rocky, the daily visiting raccoon in the wee hours, has learned to scratch as well (they are quite smart too). Cora comes in and Rocky gets thrown some kibbles.


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