Catnip Breaks Ice Between Cats?

Today, I received a gift of catnip in the post. It was unexpected. It came from Walter and Jozef, the two cats who live with Ruth and Barbara. It was sent by Viv Robinson (& Partners) Home Textiles. It is quality catnip. Thank you very much.

I feed a semi-stray tabby, girl cat and Charlie puts up with me doing this. When I put the catnip in front of him he enjoyed it and rubbed his head on it. You can see the picture in the video. I then gave it to the visiting tabby and she thoroughly enjoyed it, jumped onto the bed to mess around with it and bumped into Charlie who was resting. Charlie hisses at the end but I feel the catnip helped break the ice — I hope. Not that I am trying to force them together but it helps if they get on. Charlie is much more relaxed about her presence and I think it does him good.

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38 thoughts on “Catnip Breaks Ice Between Cats?”

      1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

        That’s the package the mice came in and the receipt from Viv, waiting to go upstairs to be shredded as it had our name and address on. Jozef had come in and sussed it out, it must have smelled of catnip and he was looking for his mouse. Which is why he had his on the stairs.
        He actually took it up to my bed where he sleeps and Walt’s is on his and Babz bed now. We have another 2 new ones supposed to be for Jozef’s birthday on 26th but will they last until then? I very much doubt it as they will seek them out long before then lol

    1. Captured prey. This pose is so typical of a cat with catnip. Cats lie there like they own the catnip. This is the same as the cat-captured-mouse position. I think cats see catnip as prey. I don’t think it is meant to be but the way cats tear it up and sit or lie down with it is typical of cat to prey behavior.

      1. Ruth aka kattaddorra

        It isn’t as pristine now lol already Walt has made a start on his.
        Jo is out so he doesn’t know they’ve arrived yet.

  1. They might arrive by my birthday which is in August cos I’m a month younger than our lad, I tell him to chill out like me cos they will be worth waiting for.

    1. That is exactly what I say some days. Just change the mice to nice. Bed is one of the best places to be and cats are smart enough to realise it.

      I hope your mice turn up. Ours was nice….

      1. Thank you for your description of me, I am in fact quite wild at heart and am glad someone appreciates my normal self control around these women my brother and I live with, I also take a good photograph on my mobile phone, I am a cat of many talents, I will never be stuck for making a living.

  2. Our catnip mice must have gone astray in the post, we have to wait 3 weeks before the royal mail will accept they are not coming. We hope Viv has got proof of postage.
    Anyway I got 2 cards but you can’t play with cards ๐Ÿ™

    1. Walter is twelve! I didn’t know he was middle-aged. Sorry Walter that is not being critical. Happy birthday to you.

      Let me say that you look a lot younger ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Thank you, I am 64 in your years ๐Ÿ˜‰
        That mouse looks like our Jozef’s old ones all bitten and sucked.
        I usually operate on mine, I split open their backs and extract the cat nip, it’s great fun especially if I take one on Barbara’s bed for the surgery and she finds the mess at bedtime heeeheeee

  3. Lovely to see the catnip mouse being so enjoyed,the tabby is a little beauty,it would be nice for Charles to have a companion.
    Poor Walter I hope your mouse comes tomorrow,belated happy birthday to you.

  4. Nice video I enjoyed it and smiled at the little tabby playing, and laughed at the end when Charlie hissed, I’m glad the mouse went down well, I wish the boys’ mice would arrive!

  5. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    She’s gorgeous and Charlie didn’t attack her, just warned her not to get too close, it looks hopeful they might bond given time and a catnip mouse each ….

    1. It is quite sweet. This cat really likes me. Perhaps she just likes the hotel ๐Ÿ˜‰ and the facilities…Anyway I like her too and Charlie accepts her. He is a good boy, you know. He has a sweet nature but the usual male cat issues: territory etc. Fair enough.

      1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

        Charlie is very accepting bless him.
        Jozef is quite accepting too and laid back but even so I don’t think he would allow another cat on his bed and for sure Walter would marmalise one who dared to get on his bed and play with his mouse lol

            1. Don’t we all hold that. Unconditional Love. Why is it, Michael, that little soulmates like our smaller mammals, within our Darwinian/Herriot world, teach us? <we just want love and no criticism. maybe the suffering -[shrimp just jumped up on me. my ribcage ha! he is my unconditional little soul! ๐Ÿ™‚ Empathy does win, in the end.

    1. Damn. These are good mice. Miss Tabby loves this catnip mouse. This stuff really works. Of course it depends on the cat but even Charlie liked it. This morning on the bed he sniffed the bed and the bit of paper that was packed with the mouse and rolled over onto his back….sweet boy.

  6. Viv makes the best catnip mice we have ever had because she only uses the real good stuff and while I’m glad for Charlie and his pal enjoying that one I want to know where is mine?
    It was my birthday yesterday and the mammies said that our lads and my new catnip mouse was due to arrive in the post.
    But they didn’t and I heard them grumbling about ‘bloomin royal mail’ and the postage costs enough.
    Our Jozef said maybe they are too busy with the new baby to deliver all the post, silly boy the baby is hundreds of miles away in London where Charlie lives and we live only 10 miles from Viv.
    I hope ours come today cos he’s getting one as well and we think they will have got another one each for us for when it’s his birthday in a month.
    Viv made us catnip rats once, they are big and I love having a good kick at mine.

    From Walter who is now 12 which is 64 in humans years.

    1. Walter(R), You are not old, and if you can still give those rats a bit o a lark, well…! Hope your post pkg comes flying through the ol mail system soon (maybe after the worker stops hoarding it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      A mouse cupcake was the best present I ever gave to Muckaluck (the tail was the candle, nd i guided my daughter’s hand to help me light it; then she -ha! my daughter blew it out so no whiskers would get scorched.)

      Viv makes catnip rats?

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