Cats And Their Mad Half Hours

By Ruth aka Kattaddorra

There is rarely a dull moment in a house with cats. Do anyone else’s cats have mad half hours?

I often wonder why they are called that as it doesn’t even take our Walter 5 minutes to wreck our living room, he goes so crazy sometimes that poor Jozef just runs for cover.

The covers and cushions on the furniture fly as he jumps from couch to armchair, the rug gets bundled up, the scratching boards get upended, the toy box tipped over and mice and balls scattered all over.

Cats And Their Mad Half Hours
Cats And Their Mad Half Hours. Collage by Ruth aka Kattaddorra.
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It’s even more fun for our cats since they discovered tissue paper is wonderful to hide toys under, then to spring on them and bite holes and make bits of paper fly.

The man in the shop where we buy it must wonder what we do with so much lol. It amuses me how cats suddenly lose interest in something (unless they are watching a mouse or a bird of course when they can sit for hours). Walter creates chaos then strolls off and leaves us to tidy up.

Jozef doesn’t often play alone like Walter does, he likes us to play with him, all of the games on here: Simple games with cats are fun.

But he has his funny little ways too, he can’t bear to see a used saucer uncovered, even if there is only one tiny bit of food left on it he will cover it with anything in reach. So now when we feed him we put down a square of kitchen roll and he works until this tarpaulin is placed neatly over the saucer. If he discovers Walter’s saucer he will use anything to cover that too.

So you can imagine if anyone is coming visiting how we have to zoom around and make the place look tidy again lol but anyone who doesn’t like cats isn’t welcome anyway.

It’s rare that our boyz play together and it usually ends in tears if they do, they are such a pair of ruffians, but how dull our lives would be without our feline friends, wouldn’t they!

Ruth aka Kattaddorra

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17 thoughts on “Cats And Their Mad Half Hours”

  1. how cool just found this page. Jasmin doing alot of this laterly. She certainily has alot of energy. Jasmin and ozzie been having heaps of fun just play fighiting and running up and down the hallway. im so happy they get alot as was so worried in the early days they wouldnt get along now they are like best of friends. 🙂

  2. My little female cat, Morgana, is 13 years old and still runs around in madness every evening. As soon as it looks like I’m getting ready for bed or mention bedtime she goes crazy running full throttle, leaping over furniture, knocking thing over, climbing to the top of her cat tree (floor to ceiling cat tree) and leaping off onto the couch. All the while meowing loudly for me to join in the fun! She just developed this new game of catch where I throw a small ball to her, she batts it back at me and I have to try to catch it:) I have learned to prepare for bedtime early so that she gets all this energy out before I want to sleep. I’m grateful that she gives me a laugh and a chance to destress from the day so that I can sleep peacefully.

  3. My 3 cats have their mad half hour and we run for cover because Ozzie takes the lead and at a stone in weight he sounds like an elephant! Alfie normally starts when he calls the other 2 he has this high pitched cry which means its play time! He sounds like a Peacock! The other 2 prick their ears up then thats it off they go! Up the stairs back down, around the chair back up the stairs its a wonder we have a house left at the end of it! Oh yes I forgot to say they jump over us and run across the back of the settee while we’re on it! All good fun few shed claws embedded in the carpet lol but I wouldn’t have it any other way! 🙂

  4. it used to sound like a horse race when Tiggy and gabby chased each other around the room but they’re a bit old for it now the young ones play hide and seek which is so funny to watch as his tail always shows lol!!

  5. Oh Ruth and Barbara I love your boys,Walter looks so naughty lol
    Yes my cats have their mad half hours,so much so that the kids and dogs take cover like your Josef,they’re like a herd of elephants,great fun.
    BTW Micheal is that a peekaboo cat I see upside down on that stool under the chair?
    Oh I so want a chair like that.

  6. We go thru this EVERY night. Usually sometime between 1am-2:30am. I’ve named this game Ambush where the cats hide and pounch on each other. They run and jump on the feeding bar then the cat table then the back of each couch. I always cover my head if I see Furby flying at me because he doesn’t bother to put his claws in. Cujo joins in every game. Its scary to watch a small dog make 4 ft jumps from furniture and counters to the floor. He’s always either right in front of or right behind the cats. We have insurance on him because he’s terrifying to watch sometimes. The cats love to make him crash into walls.


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