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Cats Don’t See Us As Cats — 7 Comments

  1. Sealy is our loudest meower. He’ll sit on top of Laura in bed and meow for breakfast. And our rescue Coral has never ever meowed. She has hissed a few times when snuck up on but that’s it.

    • Feral cats learn to talk to humans with the meow. It makes me wonder if they actually learn to talk by listening to us. Their meow is as near to our way of communicating as they can achieve.

  2. I didn’t know that about ferals not meowing. Sealy didn’t meow at us the first 9-10 months he was with us. We were told he was a feral. He even had a wild odor that is still noticed.

    Our cats consider us a massage therapists and chefs.

    • They probably see you wearing a large white chef’s hat and think they are permanently in a nice restaurant.

      I found the feral cat “test” interesting.

  3. It is a puzzle how our cats see us but I bet they think we are peculiar looking things having to wear clothes because we have no fur.Sometimes one of my cats comes in the bathroom and stares at me sitting in the bath and I think is she wondering why we people don’t use our tongues to wash ourselves like they do lol

    • Yes, they think we are strange but cats do have an ability to get on with other species. There are many examples. The deer is a good one. I think domestication has made the cat very adaptable and accepting of species provided they are gentle and nonthreatening.

  4. We will never know how our cats see us but I imagine they see the people they love as friendly giants.
    I often get down on the floor to remind myself just how big we and the world look to cats. It must be quite frightening to a cat to see a person looming over them and we are honoured with the trust our cats show us by coming to us when we are upright.
    When doing TNR we always tried to keep the cats in the trap cage up a height to lessen their stress until we got the cover over the cage, I think we must look like unfriendly giants to ferals if we loom over them.

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