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Cats: Like Father Like Son — 9 Comments

  1. What a lovely picture!
    Those cats obviously live with a cat lover who they totally trust. Lying in such a vulnerable position like that and asleep is the ultimate proof of their happy life.

    • Yes, good point Ruth. The home must be really nice. I have slight feeling it might be the home of British Shorthair cat breeder but that is a wild guess. Gorgeous British style cats. The Brit Shorthair has the quietest voice of all the pedigree cats.

  2. We don’t assume anything, do we. when totally zonked out like that. bless’m! sweet dreams in the catnip, butterfly fields, babies!

  3. Oh, Michael! You, too, are adorable! ;D

    Who doesn’t have cats that lay on their backs, totally in their comfort zone, because –why? Because WHEN you look at them, well…what can I say. prrrrr…prrzzzz… what can you say. 😉

    • I expect you were hoping for something a bit more profound 😉 Sorry if I disappointed. Sometimes you can bump into pictures you like and which say a little bit about cat behavior too.

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