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Cats Living With Small Dogs — 8 Comments

  1. The photos are very sweet! My Red, when he was a kitten, grew up with a big dog for his first 6 months and they missed eachother after he left. I think after all Red’s littermates were gone and his mama was rejecting him and being mean to him he was very happy to have a dog to play with. Wlthough the dog was quite intrusive and scary to the little tiny kittens at first. Red stayed around and got used to her.

  2. Cujo uses the litter box. He seriously thinks he’s a cat. I’m just now writing the article on large dogs living with cats. It’s a totally different experience.

  3. Truly enjoyed reading how small dogs get along with cats, reminded me of a couple of neighbors that had about 6 cats & 2 small dogs. Pekingese dogs were raised with cats & did as most cats do; sleep on back of sofa, used the litter box (but didn’t try to cover what was done)etc,preferred cat food to dog food. cute indeed.
    Sotheast Arizona (USA)

    • That is the first time I have heard about a dog using a cat’s litter. Cute. It makes sense. I make me think why all dogs have to go to the toilet outside. Do people have to pick up the poo in the USA when a dog goes to the toilet outside on a walk? In London, UK and probably elsewhere people have to carry a little plastic bag and pick up their dog’s poo! Sounds a bit uncomfortable and not the greatest of topics to write about but it is practical and sensible. People started to complain about going to the park and lying in dog poo so some regulations were introduced. Now people feel they have to do it out of moral decency. An example of the way law can change attitudes.

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  5. Thanks a lot for this Elisa. It seems that dogs get on well with cats. Certainly in your home. The classic story of dog chasing cat is not true really. In a home with cats and dogs a dog’s presence may help keep the group in balance. I don’t know. Clearly dogs raised with cats will see them as companions and not an animal to chase (hunt). Of course some cats will be the dominant partner as they are bigger than smaller dogs.

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