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Cat’s Purr Facts For Kids — 4 Comments

  1. I am enjoying the kid series. Thanks for doing it.
    Sometimes my time-share cat makes a low gutteral sound when he thinks the dog or another ne’er-do-well cat is close by. That sound or growl seems to come from a different place in the throat than the purr. What do you think?


    • Yes, this is the wild cat showing up in the domestic cat. The low gutteral sound is quite intimidating even for a human. I don’t know where in the throat it comes from, probably just the vocal cords. When you hear the various wild cat species especially the small to medium wild cat species you hear a huge range of vocalisations some of which you would not have heard before. The domestic cat has a good range but we rarely hear the entire range as their lives are usually somewhat limited.

      The purr is special as it can be made while drinking and is made through exhaling and inhaling. Whereas normal vocalisations are made while exhaling. Most sounds are made with vocal cords, as for humans.

      • Thanks Michael. I think of this fellow as a wild cat. He was domesticated as a young feral cat. He looks like a black panther with yellow eyes. You are right, that growl is quite intimidating.


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