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Cats and Dogs Living Together

Cats and Dogs Living Together

Cats and dogs living together is a lesson to us to live in harmony. In “Gandhi country”, which I believe to be Gujarat’s Vaadi area in India, there are three dogs and two cats living together, eating from the same bowl (the town where they live is near Dharmapur, I believe – see map below). There is absolutely nothing exceptional about this, really, but a lot of people, the vast majority of people think that dogs chase cats, that dogs attack and hate cats as the “natural order of things“.

We too, as humans think that the natural order of things is to constantly fight, to convert what should be a healthy discussion about differences (usually about religious beliefs) to outright war (e.g. Israel and Gaza). Terrorism is the worst manifestation of this human trait.

Here is the map of Gandhi country (Gandhi was born in Porbandar, a coastal town in present-day Gujarat, Western India), where cats and dogs living together is seen as almost unique and possibly due to the fact that is happening in “Gandhi country”, meaning Gandhi’s influence lives on beyond the grave:

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We can learn from our companion animals. Cats can teach us patience and persistence for example. And when cat and dogs live together harmoniously it is because they were brought up together and became accustomed to each other. They were, to use, cat fancy language, “socialized”. I wonder if we can use that concept for the benefit of humans? I don’t know if works for humans. There is certainly a huge need for peoples to find common ground. There is a lot of common ground but we seem to focus on the differences.

As I said, it is thought by some that these particular cats and dogs are “unique” or very rare. That, though, is not the case. I am sure that there are countless examples, in India, of cats and dogs getting along fine. Certainly in Europe and America it is frequently encountered.

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

The quote is one of Gandhi’s.

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The photo of the cat and dog is published under creative commons license and by northdevonfarmer:

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