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  2. We have a high chair by my computer in our living room for our Walter and Jozef to sit by me if they choose to and quite often one or the other of them sits there while I write.
    They are very calming and inspirational.
    But Walter loves it best when Barbara is home from work and on her computer upstairs writing too, he has the computer chair and she a hard chair lol and sometimes he writes a bit for her by walking along the keyboard 2b5mj,bhy,o0p’o.p#] lol lol
    I’ve noticed too that lots of famous authors and poets were/are cat lovers!

  3. As a Blogger i write on all topics , most importantly cats.At present logged onto the “Free Airport Internet” FACILITY at “Chennai Airport” in India at the departure terminal.I am awaiting to board the flight to Colombo.Will be there for approx 11 days upto 31-10-2012. Should get back to “P.O.C” and an account of the cats in Sri Lanka on my return back home to Mu

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