Cats in Zero Gravity

The weirdest little giflike video you’ll see this week, I reckon. Cat abuse? Yes, it has to be. No idea where is was done or why. Looks like Russia in the 1950s to me. I will guess that the reason they put cats under zero gravity was because they know that cats always self-right (instinctively turn and twist their bodies so that they are upright when falling). They realised that the cats would move around a lot under zero gravity. You can create zero gravity by taking an aircraft to a good height and then diving steeply towards the earth. For a short time the occupants are under zero gravity. It creates “microgravity conditions”.

Giflike videos are a newfangled thing. It is actually another example of copyright violation on the internet. Using online software anyone can download a segment of any video and reprocess the small segment to create a repeating super short video that looks like an animated gif. Animated gifs are just a series of still images in the .gif format joined together.

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Cats in Zero Gravity — 5 Comments

  1. It’s one of those plans that dives quickly to create z-gravity effect. The tuxie is panicking. The other one seems to be handling it better, interesting. Still, a very unkind thing to do in the name of progress.

  2. Yeah, it looks like simulated space experimentation from days of old using cats. It was abuse then, and it would be abuse today.

  3. It’s terrible! Just look at those idiots grinning at the poor cats distress, how anyone could be so downright cruel is beyond me!
    I HATE those men!

  4. This is awful – those cats are clearly panicking – I have never seen anything like it. I bet the cats got tossed out into the woods when they were done. I feel so awfully sorry for those cats. This is very nightmarish.

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