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Celebrity Dylan – UPDATE! — 19 Comments

  1. I think Dylan has the most appealing face I also think he appears to be the very tiniest bit cross eyed which is very cute 🙂 He is a wonderful sociable cat who seems to just love his life!

    • Rudolph, I’d like you to find a person in Mumbai who looks after a domestic cat and interview them for PoC 😉 Please.

      I am very interested in the Indian way of life and their relationship with the domestic cat.

      • Michael, suddenly cats have become popular in India and recently a Hindi film “GRAND MASTI” had a “Traditional Persian cat’ as its main poster advertisement.I saw the film just because of the cat and was sad to see the cat used in a negative role , a bit of “Cat Bashing” in a sexually explicit adult comedy film.In a recent ongoing telivision serial a “Eunuch” is shown having a black cat as a pet, akin to the arch James.Bond villain having a traditional persian cat as a pet.Cats are portrayed as sexual comedy or as evil in recent Hindi films and television. As for cat owners, there are numerous owners but the most prominent on “Facebook” is “Pamy Persians” owned by a lady based in Bangalore. She breeds expensive ultra-faced Persian cats and i had contacted her through phone during the process of setting up a “CAT CLUB” in India.Efforts led to the formation of the “Indian Cat club” affiliated to “World cat club” of Germany but strangely, she later boycotted the club.Reasons unknown.
        This is her contact details :- H A L 2 nd Stage, Bangalore, India 560008
        Mon – Sun: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
        Contact Info
        Phone 094 48 487500
        Email pamyspersians@gmail.com .This is her address & E-mail. Try phoning her as i did or a e-mail.She was also once a cat judge so definitely the real cat authority among Indian cat owners.

        • As you say the fact that the film used a Persian cat as part of a poster advertisement indicates that the cat is here to stay in India. Great.

          Thank you so much, Rudolph, for Pamy’s details. I’ll email her and see if she’ll do an email interview. I hope so.

  2. Thanks for the update on the wonderful Dylan, he’s so busy and a great fundraiser and ambassador for The Ark, I don’t see how anybody with a pulse could resist him, he just needs that lovely chunky body cuddling. To think such a lovely cat with so much character was abandoned, I wonder if the person who abandoned him would recognise him if they saw him now, so beautiful and well known, and if they would regret it and wish they’d kept him. Looking forward already to his next newsflash.

  3. Hi guys thanks for all your lovely comments – Dylan is “husky” lol – if Dylan keeps gaining in popularity than we may have to employ dee as his bodyguard lol

    We don’t know dylans history as he was found abandoned at the side of a road so maybe his fascination with food stems from the fact he wasn’t given very much in his past.

    Currently Dylan is training new kitten Sally to pose for the camera lol –
    Dylan now has 3 part Manx cats
    In the family Along with his moggy brothers and sisters

    He sends his regards to all of you – and promises to be in touch soon


  4. LOVING this reading about Dylan and Wesley and all the news of the Ark thank you Danielle and I love the photos as well.
    Oh you do always sounds so busy with rescuing animals and I love it that you take the time to write updates for us.

  5. Dylan is a lovely cat with a sweet temperament and a great, probably unique, record of fundraising.

    He is a tad podgy. He likes his food. I can talk. My Charlie bullies me into feeding him too much. He has this insistent Siamese shout. I give in.

    I wonder if a sweet temperament = a tendency to put on weight?

  6. Hi again Danielle, I love your style of writing and so much enjoy reading about Dylan and all the other news from the Ark and seeing the photos too.
    Well done to Dylan for not gaining any weight and for raising money all the time, he is a cat to be much admired x

    • Yay – well done Dylan – I love him – I love black and white cats and he looks wonderful and very friendly.

      I’ve heard MAnx cats have often health troubles to deal with – hope Wesley is doing well – so nice that they are friends – Dylan makes a very good cat ambassador.

      • Dylan is also often used to “test” other cats behaviour as he is so chilled – with Winifred – who wasn’t all that friendly to begin with – he just took it slow and eventually she followed him around – he is certainly never idle lol

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