Charming Pictures of Cats

This is a selection of charming cat pictures. DW selected all of them except one. The one that she didn’t select is not charming. It is a picture from Wikipedia (published under a license) of a black cat that is over grooming. This has resulted in a loss of fur. It is a form of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). A lot of people suffer from the same health problem. In humans it is probably caused by anxiety and a lack of control over one’s life. The same applies to cats. If you see it think about stresses in your cat for whatever reason.

The pictures are thumbnails. If you click on them you’ll be taken to a large format picture on a new page.

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  1. Nice Michael. I just noticed that you wrote a little about each cat if you look under the enlarged thumbnail. I hadn’t seen that before. Right below the ad. I think I have to start over from the beginning of the new host period.


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