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Cheetoh Cat – a glamorous and rare cat breed — 10 Comments

  1. This is not a breed of cat. It is an attempt of “kitten mill” breeders to make more money off kittens by declaring them to be a “rare” exotic breed. They will never be accepted as a breed by any reputable cat organizations. The spotted ones looks like a bad Ocicat and the rosetted ones look like bad Bengals. Their large size is a lie. Most cats when hybrid to another breed will produce larger sizes, example 1st generation Ocicat/Aby hybrids are normally bigger. But breeding like to like will bring the size back to a normal domestic size. These supposedly “Cheetoh” breeders live by the rule that “There is a sucker born every minutes”

    • Sonja is completely wrong. before you go throwing out accusations maybe you should visit the places. Not ALL cat breeding is done as a “mill”, in fact, most are not. Also, this IS a registered breed. Both are registered with TICA & Cat Fancier’s Assc. (unless you are going to try & convince everyone that those 2 are NOT reputable cat organizations)? Also maybe you should actually look at some of the cats firsthand before vomiting your opinions of something you have no clue about in fact. Maybe you’re jealous because you can’t afford 1 or because you don’t have the creativity to create something yourself so you must tear down others. I sincerely hope you find a better way to address your issues. Have a blessed day.

  2. need help identifying what breed my kitten is. he has beautiful features and markings. he has Bengal markings his fur is like a rabbit pelt classic marking’s with filling but his fur is kind of a ticked coat. you can tell he isn’t a mix/moggie he has his eyeliner chin straps rosettes on his stomach yes rosettes he is beautiful. I rescued him his coat is changing. on his side is a bulls eye with a filling in the middle. the same down his back its not bloched

    • Hi Sandra,

      His coat reminded me immediately of the famous Bengal cat Sundog:


      I think he is a exceptional random bred marbled tabby cat. Marbled tabby is classic tabby markings. I don’t think he is purebred. It is just that sometimes, rarely, tabby cats have very special markings. I believe this is one such case but I am happy to be corrected.

      Thanks for visiting and sharing. A very impressive looking cat.

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  4. Yes a beautiful cat, but give me an ordinary moggie needing a good home any day, rather than an especially bred cat.
    Thousands of ordinary but beautiful cats are being killed every day in Rescue Shelters for lack of homes 🙁

  5. Beautiful cat but I still prefer my Bengal (3rd Generation). My Bengal Kiva has beautiful markings, wonderful soft pelt, is extremely intelligent, playful, inquisitive, learns quickly, watches what we do intently then tries to do it…will watch over & over until she learns to do it, i.e.: Kiva can turn the faucets on & off, she can turn a small fan on & off, she can open every door in our condo from watching us. That includes the large wooden folding doors to the washer/dryer. She is truly an amazing cat!

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