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Christmas Cat Poem Time! — 17 Comments

  1. Great poem Michael
    It’s rained on and off here too for most of the day but no thunder or lightning, you can keep that down South lol
    HAPPY CHRISTMAS everyone

      • Michael:
        I share my gloom with you, although we live in “sunny” SE Arizona, had a great surprise early this am, about 7″ of snow & temp dropped to 17f. Very cold & pathetic.
        Oh! well this too shall pass !
        Southeast arizona (USA)

  2. Hi Michael,

    Congratulations on being brave enough to write a poem and post it online. Not everyone would have the courage.

    The two things I like best about it is it’s appropriate for the picture you’ve provided and it mentions rescue cats. I don’t recall seeing a poem that mentions rescue cats before.

    Happy Christmas to you and your cats. Happy Christmas to all cat lovers.

    =^..^= Hairless Cat Girl =^..^=

    • Thanks Liz. I didn’t think to much about what to say, so I guess the rescue cats are in my heart and mind. They are the cats that need us and we owe them a home. Thanks for saying I am brave. Happy Christmas to you too. The rain has just stopped in London, England. Hurrah 😉

  3. Merry Christmas to all, both human and none. Not bad for a few minutes work, Michael. It took me that long to come up with a second verse to the Soft Kitty song they sing on ‘The Big Bang Theory’ tv show here in the states. It was some promotion of some sort I found.

    Did you all hear about this: Feline Genetics DNA testing. For $120 US, you can determine if your pure breed truly is a pure bred. Here is a link to the article:


    And here is a link to the lab that does it:


  4. We have 18 degrees and sun, it’s very strange indeed. Merry Christmas. Great poem by the way Michael. Some parts are excellent even. You are alot braver than I will ever be!

    • Two things (a) I envy your weather. It is horrendous here. No surprise. Thunder and lighting etc. Damp and so on..(b) I’m and old enough not to care about making a fool of myself 😉

  5. MERRY CHRISTMAS MICHAEL. Is the Weather chill in London? As for me , had an excellent Christmas eve In Mumbai and, spending the afternoon sipping “Smirnoff” with my cats Matahari and Matata lazying in the house and parakeet “Mittoo’ shrieking at times.Is this living the ultimate Cat life.?Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

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