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Classic Tabby Cat I Feed: A Picture — 40 Comments

  1. ohmygoodness. Shrimpie just rolled again, onto his back. tummy up, as you know. paws dangling right there, eyes closed. asleep. I had to carry him a few minutes ago, and he’s a big boy. The noise startled both of us. I had to carry him back in. purring, he was, all the way! Then, at the last minute, as I was reaching for the door, he decided that he did not want to leave the night. What a struggle it was for me, to commit to him AND to the door. 😉

    • I cannot stop watching him, every little breath that he takes, while his paws twitch, his whiskers move. He is my little godsend, and I cannot sleep unless he is under my wing. Michael, did you do what Marc asked of you? You know what you need to do. He wants you to give Charlie his catio, my dear. Do that for him, if you haven’t already? -cal

      • Marc, if I may speak to you directly, I want you with all of your heart and soul and highly sensitive mind to go back there and get a nother orange tabby, akin to your *****Red*****

        Am I allowed to say anything that might help? if not, then damn me to hell. I already am in that dark, dark place, for having neglected my Panda whilst trying to take care of a lawsuit from my ex. Get yourself to a “cattery!” Now, pleas? Go back to that awflul woman, that you tried to help, my bebe.

        • Actually as soon as I have moved somewhere that is a bit secluded in the nature or far from busy roads then I may well bring home an orange boy. Boys like wander a bit and go far which is why I only have girls now. I think it’s a bit less hard on them to have to stay in my apartment which now has a catio mind you.

  2. We love; we lost. To my own naivete’ ? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    I will not relinquish my life to the absurdities. Neither will any of you, meine Freundichle Katze.

  3. Why are you using the Sony? Where is your Canon; not good enough for this moggie? (who looks like the spittin’ image of my Oliver cat. passed away. last year. She gave birth to Muckaluk, before being spayed. Didn’t have the money to get her spayed, for she got “knocked up.” wow. Ruth, shoot help me out here, girl.

  4. “This is the classic tabby cat that I feed. I can’t help it. He hisses like hell at me but he doesn’t mean it.”

    Bless his soul, Michael…right next to yours. <big, HUGE! smile, kittie-style. prrrrr….

  5. I have no problem with feeding strays, especially mamas, kittens or sick cats, but I’d like to remind PoC readers that if they are truly feral or stray it is important that we trap and spay or neuter them. This will allow them to keep living as strays, but not create anymore strays.

    Michael: I would do the same thing. Hard to say no to a hungry cat.

      • Oh, I know it Michael. You have been talking about it for the entire (almost) year I’ve been reading PoC. Thanks for the good word. We really need to cull the populations of strays.

        • Yes, more needs to be done to make sure strays have homes and that they don’t have offspring. The interesting thing is that in places like Israel and India people are more willing to accept strays. That does not mean we should. It is simply a different attitude.

      • Have you ever slept in a cemetary? amonsgst those souls that hold our heart? (sometimes the cute, noisy squirrels will HURL nuts, acorns on you) The feral cat pops that hold down that Wyuka, shoot, that cemetary, they ARE the best. Lovwe them. They after me, and many of us, incl. Dr. Becky, look after them. TNR trap(hate it but important!) Neuter/Spay Release–little kitty ear notched. Fed. Loved!

    • That is why we exist, I believe. Omnivores, carnivy catadores, veggiebytes, we have one common purpose. Endure and endeavor, strive to end as much suffering as we can. Misnomer? I don’t think so. No killing. No kidding. DO! as much as you can for all species that feel pain. I don’t know what else to say

      • Yes, thinking. Poor bred pitbulls. Babies, I’ve never had one, ‘cept in my lap, when I used to go door-to-door on the wknd, seeking my solace. When you go to the shelter, to pet the kitties, giving them all of your love, like THEY DO, unequivocally, you don’t get back out the door without stopping to look into those sad,sad eye. They did not ask to be bred for fighting. They need love. Don’t we all.

        Just ask my German Shephardcopy. “Henry Hippolyte Bayerd.”

  6. What a beautiful cat. Michael you could remove the bell. It’s easy, just get hold of it with 2 fingers and twist – the thing the bell is joined too is very weak and will snap if twisted half a turn. This is a lovely looking cat. Really pretty. Male of female? You have been feeding him/her well by the looks it his/her coat and perfect size, not too big and not too small.

    I have been feeding the mama cats because they are so thin and one has a wound on the back of her ear. After 4 days of proper wet food in big amounts the wound has healed over and she is already bigger and healthy looking. I bought all the rest of that food left in the supermarket and just left it there for the lady and wrote her a message saying they seemed to love the food ‘for some unknown reason’ and so I was leaving more. She feeds them only dry whiskas whilst they both have litters. Crazy but true. There are 2 kittens left. The lady is back today with her big dog so it’s no go for me I don’t like it but she may be going away again soon. I might not see the kittens. The mama cats love me and don’t ever want me to leave it’s sad they follow me up the driveway and I have to make a bit of a dash to leave them behind. The kittens loved to play – clearly they have never been played with or seen a toy until I came along. I left a toy there too. The lady will come back to kittens playing with toys and two more plump cats, one who’s ear is healed. The evidence will speak for itself and might convince her to feed them wet food – that and there is a ton of the food for her there to go ahead and feed them. If you are feeding this tabby and he/she is eating alot then he clearly prefers your food, simple as that. Otherwise he’d not be interested in much. Some cats are interested in wet food only because they get only dry at home. The lady’s vet said it was fine to feed only dry. I wonder according to what parameters he thinks it’s fine? I mean maybe he thinks it’s natural for a cat to die of kidney failure between the age of 14 and 18. I don’t think that’s ok myself but I assume that’s why he said that to her. Sadly he’s the vet so she will ultimately listen to him although seeing her cat (she was worried about the wound and thinness) so changed after just 4 days might give me a bity of strength over the opinion of her negligent pet. But I suspect the wat she put it to the vet was not “what should I feed them?” but “feeding them just dry food is ok right?” and the vet complies. Just my 2 cents on that infuriating matter. If a cat came to me desperate for interaction and food I would do the same. The mama cats is different because I go to them. If I lived nextdoor they would have moved in by now. Lilly hissed like that when she arrived in Switzerland because of Red being around and being in a new place. She would ask for cuddles and hiss while you were cuddling her.

    A little side note/tangent, tomorrow at 8am the man is coming to help build my catio/net around my balcony. It’s going to be great. I can’t wait. Wish my balcony was bigger and the f…….. lawn not mowed every 2 weeks so the view was a little better but it’s not bad in summer.

    This is a great photo Michael. If you want me to photoshop the bird poo off the dog’s eye I’d be happy to oblige. If you ever want anything photoshopped I would love to do it. It’s a great photo and the expression is very nice, it’s posed in the best of ways actually.

    • If you want me to photoshop the bird poo off the dog’s eye I’d be happy to oblige

      LOL. Love that comment. NO — I want bird poo on the dog’s eye, thank you very much. It adds something to the picture. Actually, it is pigeon poo. That is another story.

      Here is the picture with photoshopped poo:

      Michael you could remove the bell. It’s easy, just get hold of it with 2 fingers and twist

      Good idea. I have done that too on occasion (for a cat I called Pippa). I have resisted the temptation in this instance because the cat’s owner knows me because I phoned her and told her off!

      • Marcus, you are the best on this helluva planet. I was out with my ginger cat. After the noise died down. He showed me the “star” in the sky. Guess what. It wasn’t a star at all, but a satellite. He couldn’t see that, thank goodness. He’s blind in his left field. Michael’s dear friend, you keep on looking upat those stars. Doesn’t matter where we live, does it? (If my Shrimp could have a kitten, he would send it (neath the seat) directly to you.

    • Marc. On second thoughts, I decided to remove the bird dropping on the dog’s eyes and the bell on the collar. Thanks for making me do it! I needed the motivation. I think it looks better.

      For the eye I copied the left and placed it over the right eye having reversed it. As for the bell I just cloned it out. One day I might do it for real.

    • This sounds ridiculous but I think both siblings are female. However, the “owner” says they are brothers ;).

      For adult cats I gauge sex by checking for the vestige of testes. When he vet neuters a male cat he removes the interior of the testicle, which leaves the furry outer skin. I don’t see that on either of these cats. Therefore I presume they are female.

      Judging by character I would say this cat is male and his sibling is female.

    • That IS a female. Our frreckle-faced kittens are usually male. Darn it. Silver/grey? Female, usually. might be an exception. Exceptional.

    • Marc, I hate cat collars like you. I can’t take it off because the owner knows that I know these cats. I took the collar off a cat I called Pippa, who was owned by the woman who is a neighbour to the woman who owns these tabby cats. They are both irresponsible cat caretakers.

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