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Classic Tabby Cat Photo 2 — 9 Comments

  1. There is a whole lot of feline under those bushes. 🙂 He is a very photogenic cat. I love how the lush greenery accents his gorgeous markings. Wonderful shot Michael.

    • Yes, he is very much a feline character. He is a little bit wild and feral but in a nice way. He is a strong, determined face. You can’t see his markings but they are top quality classic tabby.

  2. He is SO like our late Bryan it’s uncanny!
    You can well see the difference that he is male and the other tabby in the photo you posted earlier is female.

  3. Such a beautiful photo. He will be yours in no time. Tho from this angle it doesn’t look like he has missed a meal.

    • LOL. He has not missed a meal. Although, in defense, the angle misleads a bit. He is about the right weight. I’ll have to photograph him again to prove that.

      • I think you should kidnap them when you move and bring them along. I’d be heartbroken having to leave them behind but then I get too attached no matter that I can rationalise otherwise. Beautiful cat and great photo – good pose.

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