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Cocoa Garden Mulch Toxic To Cats? — 5 Comments

  1. I think this garden mulch is just another example a dangerous substance for the cat and I don’t understand why manufacturers can’t take into account the cat who is almost bound to wander over mulch somewhere, sometime. The cat seems to be out of mind fairly often.

  2. I ran across a post a few days ago where a dog had died after eating this mulch. It read as though it was a recent death and not from years back.

    I hate to be so vague as to whether the mulch can still poison pets. But I just don’t know one way or the other.

    • Thanks Elisa. I hope you don’t mind that I shortened the title a bit. It is more about length. I checked and it seems to be a genuine health problem or was and the question mark at the end of the title just puts a query against it.

      This mulch is another potential or actual health hazard for the inside/outside cat and I am pleased we did the page because people should be aware.

  3. I’ve never heard of this kind of mulch however I know all about mulch. It’s the lazy way to stop anything growing in your garden and usually is used around apartment buildings or on pretty little green bits in cities and parks and such. Sometimes gravel is used. There are many kinds and they all look and smell different. Never heard of cocoa mulch though but the thought of it is a little scary to be honest. My cats don’t like chocolate because when they sniff it they back off (I am holding it and wouldn’t let them lick it – don’t worry) – but dogs will eat anything from cat litter to chocolate ice cream so I’d be quite worried about my dog if there was cocoa mulch around.

    Great article Elisa – once again you have brought to light another specific danger that I am just glad I now know about. You are good at that 🙂 – it’s important.

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