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Cognitive Dysfunction in Cats — 2 Comments

  1. Yes, Ruth, it is hard. I found I became more anxious because all the time I was worried about my cat. It can be quite stressful actually. At the end it was very stressful and upsetting. But it is part of family life. We will all be old one day and when that moment comes I hope someone looks after me!


  2. Our old cat Ebony needed a lot more care towards the end of her life, in the last few weeks she mournfully meowed most mornings just around dawn and we had to comfort her, she seemed to need reassurance that she wasn’t alone.
    It’s quite physically hard and also heartbreaking to care for an old cat whose time you know is short, but as you said Michael, it makes your relationship closer.
    It upsets me when people punish their old cat for ‘accidents’ on the floor instead of using the litter tray. Like old people, cats sometimes can’t get to the toilet in time or become forgetful about where it is and just like old people cats need understanding and to be treated patiently and kindly too.

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