Colorado Flash Floods Cat Story

This is a little vignette of a cat story to come out of the recent Colorado flash floods. Jon and Deyn Johnson had a holiday cottage business called “Whispering Pines Cottages” in Estes Park, Colorado next to the Big Thompson River. This is where it is – sorry was.

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On the morning of the devastating floods, Jon was woken up by Jezebel, their cat. Apparently, Jezebel battered Jon around the head (delicately) to make sure he woke up. He did. He soon realised there was a major problem and raced outside to wake up his clients to get them out urgently. All their clients were evacuated safely before three of the cottages were swept away and three others were knocked over.

Deyn says:

“We had no warning other than the cat…..She is going to be treated like a queen for the rest of her life……I credit the cat with saving my family and the lives of everyone in the cottages.”

So, this is one of those slightly mystical cat stories where a cat senses danger before a human because of their more highly attuned senses.

The other example that comes to mind on PoC is where a cat sensed an impending earthquake.

Playing devils advocate, perhaps Jezebel just wanted her breakfast! I won’t go down that route. Let’s say that Jezebel saved the lives of Mr and Mrs Johnson and their guests. I wish we had a picture of the cat.

My thanks to VG for finding a cat story to come out of the Colorado floods.

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Colorado Flash Floods Cat Story — 1 Comment

  1. I love this story.
    Good for Jezebel, she is a heroine and I’m glad that family have acknowledged that she saved their lives.

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