Community Cats of Lincoln Place

The Stray Cat Alliance is requesting assistance in re-homing the remaining community cats that have as their home the Venice’s Lincoln Place apartments in Los Angeles, which is due to be demolished by a developer, AIMCO. Alternatively a donation would be welcome.

Lincoln Place Community Cats

Stray Cat Alliance have been fighting for these cats for a while. AIMCO wanted to simply trap the cats having obtained a court order and then take them to the nearest shelter as specified in the order. Stray Cat Alliance argue that this would result in most (all?) of them being euthanised, probably.

Stray Cat Alliance have been successfully managing this colony of cats for some time in operating a trap-neuter-return program that has reduced the size of the colony. As a result the charity made a successful application to court to have the AIMCO trapping temporarily stopped (an injunction was granted to Stray Cat Alliance).

This temporary relief has allowed time to rehome the remaining cats. This page is just about PoC doing its bit to spread the word in the hope that someone, just one person, can help these cats.

This sort of injunction seems to be a first of its kind and may set a precedent for other animal advocacy organisations.

I’ll direct anyone who reads this to the Stray Cat Alliance website for further reading if you wish. Just click on this link (the link is broken at Aug 2013).

Note: PoC has donated $25 to help with the rehoming process.

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Community Cats of Lincoln Place — 2 Comments

  1. This is a nice thing to read first thing in the morning 🙂 Some (sort of) good news is always nice. I guess they will have to be relocated as a colony or if they must be split up it will be as barn cats? Whatever happens I firstly hope they can all be successfully trapped before the demolition. It would be scary to think of one of two of them being left behind if not trapped. And of course after they need a palce to keep them and or to relocate them too right away. Fingers crossed it will all work out according to the plan of Stray Cat Alliance and not the plan of AIMCO.

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