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  1. I am SO sorry my comments are so long – I totally understand if you can’t be bothered to read them! Gotta learn to be more succinct 🙂

  2. Another interesting article 🙂 – I live in a ground floor apartment which I own and it is one of 6 in an old building. I am the only one who is very close to the communal garden and that is why I chose it. So my cats could have outdoor access. I have made a few friends because my cats, Red in particular, would often try to get in the front door when a neighbour was on his or her way inside. I sometime get a knock on my door at 7 in the morning from one of my upstairs neighbours who is standing there with my cat weaving around his legs and I apologize and bring my cat in. I am very lucky because they all just love my cats and none of them mind at all and I do believe them . I dont believe they are just being polite because I wanted to be 100% sure. Red even once, right in front of me and my same floor neighbour just ran in her apartment and sat on her couch and refused to move. It was very funny and she was rather delighted by the whole thing. I went in her place and picked him up, of course apologizing. She promised it was no trouble at all and she even said in our house meeting that he had done it before.

    Once a year everybody meets with a man from the company who manages the house. We all sit there and discuss issues and things to be done and we all vote. Its all very official and terribly formal and swiss, but everybody is very nice and we all seem to be happy. I have not yet owned the place for a year so I was worried about the impact of my nosey cats, but its all fine. Apparently I apologize too much on their behalf. They all love my cats clearly. I consider myself very lucky. When I was in Canada things were vbery different. For a start there are so many stray and feral cats and possibly because of this, there are alot of cat haters. It’s very scary. Glad I dont live there anymore. At least not everybody in Canada has a gun in their closet! Phew! Here in Switz where I now live, we all own the same garden. Red was even digging the odd hole in the lawn but nobody seems to care, they always ask after him with a smile. The garden is a bit minimal and plain and of course they ALWAYS cut the gras just when it gets to an interesting length for the cats to play in and stalk eachother. I know I cant ever change that – people and their damn lawns will never change.

    Lawns will forever be incredibly boring areas of outdoor space for everyone. There is a lack of flowers too and bushes etc. Now I do understand that the more there is in the garden, the more it will cost us owners to pay for the upkeep. But I would like to plant a few things around my side of the garden. I am going to ask at the next meeting, and I will also say that I will be responsible for looking after it. I am sure they will all thing its a lovely idea and be delighted to have more plants and flowers at no extra cost of effort. I will have to draw a map of the garden and show what I want to plant where – and send everyone a copy before the next meeting so they can review and we can vote on it at the meeting. Thats how it works.

    I feel lucky I dont have a bad neighbour. Canada was like the wild west – I livd in ‘little Portugal’ in Toronto nd they pretty much didnt like anybody living there who wasn’t from their country. That’s ‘multi culturalism’ for you – a mosaic of different and very seperated cultures. Not as nice as it sounds and very un’cosmopolitan. I basically felt like I was living in a small village in Portugal. It was a constant issue. I had other neighbours in my first house in Toronto who hated my cats and would freak out on them and throw rocks at them albeit the neighbour on the other side, an elderly lady, had 14 cats. They were just nouveau riche snobs and cou8ldn’t stand that an easy going british guy lived nextdoor to them – they were all worried about how MY front yard looked when they had a party. Idiots. I offered to do whatever they wanted to help which just confused them more. Small minded people. I had some real bad luck in Toronto and I have heard from many other peope in that city that they had similar stupidities.

    In London people don’t care, they just let you live your life. I like that about London (England, not Ontario) – and Slovenia was fine, no problems there, and Switzerland too. I think its the total failure of ‘multiculturalism’ in norht Amaerica and the fact that people have sooo much space they dont ever learn to live with other people properly. Glad thats over – took me 8 years to reach a point where it got boring. Now I can imagine living over there in a Condo and having much more serious problems by virtue of proximty to neighbours. If I were to have a problem with a bad neighbour where I am living now, it would be nothing short of a disaster, because as Michael explains, we share the ownership of the building and we are close to eachother.

    BUT life is good and I sure do appreciate it after some bad experiences with people who don’t know how to share space.

    • You have a lot of experience of apartment living. I have too. It is about attitude and culture. I find your point that when people have lots of space (Canada and USA) they are less tolerant of people infringing their space interesting. That sounds true to me. We are pretty laid back in England in general. The worse people in England for apartment living are the middle class nimbies (not in my back yard). They love to maintain the status quo and nothing will interfere with their world. They are very dogmatic.

      You have found a great block of flats. It sounds like a conversion from an old house but I may have that wrong. Conversions are obvious because the apartments are always different in size and shape. I think you had better stay where you are. If you have neighbours who see cats as a benefit to the block you have found a home.

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