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Cost of Spaying and Neutering a Cat — 10 Comments

  1. Just can’t resist telling this true funny story about a hard of hearing old lady.
    She ‘I wish my cat would stop having kittens’
    Me ‘Why don’t you have her spayed?’
    She ‘A SPADE A SPADE what do I want a spade for I don’t want to bury her just stop her having kittens’
    Me ‘Spayed means neutered’
    She ‘MUTED MUTED I don’t want rid of her meow I just want her to stop having kittens’
    By then I was almost hysterical with laughing.
    She ‘It’s not funny young lady’
    Me ‘She can have a little operation to stop her having kittens’
    She ‘Why didn’t you say so in the first place!’

  2. Neutering cats of either sex is so commonplace to vets and takes so little time, that they could reduce the cost and maybe more people would take their cats to be spayed or castrated.
    I may keep harping back to when vets thought more about their patients than making money, but those days it took one vet and one nurse and the anaesthetic, suture thread and antibiotics cost very little and with keeping the price of neutering down the large number of cats spayed or castrated still made the vets a good profit.

  3. Switzerland is alot more expensive. In the USA I think in most areas you can find a low cost solution. The interesting question you asked is not if the coast is usually necessarily too high, but if infact the average person wants to spend an amount which is usually necessarily too low – thats how I understood your question. Its a good one. Under normal circumstances it should not come into question, it costs what it costs, and as long as it is not extreme, then you damn well save up. Having a cat is not supposed to be free, nor cheap, and it was never meant to be. People who want to keep an animal on the cheap are themselves cheap of mind and spirit. Thats my opinion. Sorry.

  4. Average cost of owning a cat in U.S.A amounts to US$ 10,000 over a 15 year life-span.The same statistics would hold true for other Country’s based on the Country’s cost of living and average per-capita-income.Ultimately, responsible cat-ownership means a high maintenance factor on your pet cats.Hence most potential cat owners or other pet owners should take a commitment of treating their pets like a member of their own human family otherwise the unavoidable fact of abandoning a pet due to high maintenance cost is a reality.

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