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  1. Hi
    would it be possible to print off one of your cat skeleton for the coursework I’m teaching as an example of what the bones look like, please

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    • STop it. MICHAEL BROAD IS AN ANGLE SENT FROM ABOVE!!!!!!!!!! A PROTECTOR OF THE FELINE KIND! !!!! ! take your slander away from here or i will be forced to take desperate measures….. 8.775. 55

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    • GRRRrr… you guys have upsetted Mikey’s older Brother… SPICHAEL BROAD!!!! !! I like dogs more than cats hehe :3 (thats my pict) and im a little Missunderstood….. but that dosent mean i’ll take the LIKES OF YOU!! CREETINS!!!! You Want Michael… you’ll have to get thruogh ME!!!!!

  6. Hello Michael Broad,

    Thank you for this article on the missing cat via dog attack in SLC. However you have info wrong. For the record, Denali did have a cat pack with us. He was in the cat pack and I have photos to prove for most of the hike. He was taken out of the pack so he could sniff and explore while still on harness and leash. He was out of his pack for a few minutes when the unleashed dogs came around the corner. I immediately picked him up as the dogs lunged at us. Unfortunately, there was no time to put him back in the pack, so I did the next best step- which was pick him and hold him high up. The dogs were jumping up my body assaulting me, trying to get to Denali. The woman had no leash, and zero control on her dogs. She basically stood there like an idiot- then left the scene of the crime.

    Please reframe your story to reflect this information.

    Thank you

  7. Hi. You reference me in one of your articles (https://pictures-of-cats.org/why-cant-cats-be-vegetarian.html)and character attacked me unnecessarily. I’d like you to remove this piece from your website. You don’t know me, we’ve never corresponded, and you’ve taken the liberty to use a comment I may have posted elsewhere a very long time ago without my permission or engagement. I don’t appreciate my words or choices being sensationalized for your website’s benefit. I hope you’ll do the right thing and remove the inflammatory piece that mentions me by full name and geographical location. I really don’t need you or the Janes of the world attacking me online for sport.

    • My reference to you is perfectly respectful and polite. I am not attacking you. I am entitled to my opinions. When you publish stuff on the internet you open yourself up to comment from others. It is normal. I won’t remove anything.

  8. Hi Michael, I have a 3 year old cat named Ashton. He just got diagnosed with FeLV. I would like to try RetroMAD1 but don’t know how to purchase it as I live in the US. Is there anyway you could help me quickly as time is of the essence!

    • Shannon, the trouble with this drug is that is is rare and hard to get and not many people use it. Also I am not sure that it is used by vets. I have searched and found this:

      ‘Use of RetroMAD1 outside Malaysia need not be ruled out. A cat owner in a European country has reported accessing the drug after contacting the person leading trials in Malaysia and following advice relating to transport and import. Interested vets can explore obtaining the drug by contacting their Animal Trial Officer, telephoning the BioSatria contact person Ms Yanthi (03-79604942), or emailing ya*********@bi********.my. Information on a number of practical details remains scanty, but refrigeration of the drug is prudent, and administration prior to rather than in meals best practice.”

      You might like to read this article of mine written many years ago:


      Good luck to you both. The future is okay.

  9. I can’t find anything on this so I’ll just comment here. The emails with links that I get send me to the OOPS! page when I click on the regular link. I have to click on the facebook link, go there, then open the article again there to go to here where the article originated in order to read it,etc. It’s a chore I didn’t have to go through for a long time. Is this my set up or something else? Thanks and keep up the good work.

  10. Michael,
    Thank you for your continued dedication. I operate a parrot sanctuary in Bradenton, FL and would love to help with the situation in Plant City. Could you please email me privately to discuss this.

  11. Hi, Michael, I don’t know if you remember me but a LONG time ago I was the person known as “Firestar (female)” haha.

    I was wondering if maybe you could open up the old chatbox on the Warriors page again? It says it expired and I dunno, I was on the website way back in 2010-2011 so it brings back a lot of memories and I can only imagine I’m not the only one who pops by, and I think it’d be a great way for some old POCers to communicate if we ever want to chat with one another again?

    Selena M. Castro

    • Hi Selena. Nice to hear from you. The level of activity dropped over the years to a low level so I gave up with it. I’ll see if I can regenerate it as you have asked!

    • Selena, I have noticed that there is one chat box remaining. It is hardly used. The other one that I deleted was not being used at the time I deleted it. Can you use the one that is on the page at the moment?

  12. Michael – how about running a piece about the real origins of the Lykoi breed of cat? I’ve collected a lot here (thanks to some ethical breeders) and one horrifying fact is the death of the foundation male from being left outdoors in sub-zero centigrade temperatures.


    • Thanks for the suggestion Sarah. I’ll have a go at it tomorrow. I hope you and yours are well by the way. I’ve had a terrible cold the past week. Quite awful. I am just pulling out of it I hope. The weather is too damn cold for me. Best wishes.

      • I’ve escaped the cold/flu and I’m hoping to stay that way. The cold weather doesn’t bother me too much but as a concession to age I sometimes put the heating on very low and watch the cats gravitate towards radiators. I have even been walking outside in shirtsleeves as the temperature creeps up to 8 celsius.

    • A little more, recently received – dubious and IMO cruel breeding method at a vet clinic (keeping cats in darkness is definitely a form of cruelty, that it should be done by a vet is beyond belief):

      This is a picture that was taken from a video that was done about the Lykoi. There are several of these dark closets shown in the video. Each one with 3-4 cats in them. They are holding rooms at Mr Gobble’s vet clinic for the cats until time for mating. Johnny told Patti Thomas that the way to bring a female on heat is to “keep them in a completely dark room until you want them to come in heat, then you put them in a well lit room with direct sunlight for several hours a day.” Those holding rooms are dark with no lights. In the video he opens the door and turns on the light. The cats in this still image are domestic shorthairs and F1 Lykois to be used for future breeding.

  13. Love your work, as you know, and am a frequent commenter. Would it be possible to have this photo be my avatar when I post? Thanks! (just for kicks)

  14. Michael, I found an article you wrote in 2010 about Guillaume and Kitty traveling on foot to Patagonia. The last report I was able to find on youtube was a stop they made in Colombia, staying with some folk in an unfinished house. Do you know whether they were able to reach their final destination….or what happened to them? This seems to be such a dangerous and mysterious story with Kitty along, I wish there were a follow-up. I went to the website, but it was so long ago, there was nothing about them.

    • Thanks for asking Yaya. I have responded to your other comment. I am as keen to know what happened as you are. I’ll try and find out.

    • Hi Vicky. Thanks for contacting me. This article was written years ago. The author is reliable. At the time, was it true that Trinity Acres declawed cats as described in the article? Have they changed their policy since the article was written. (Note: the article was written before the date heading it because that the date the website was transferred to a new host).

      What I can do is amend it to say that at June 2015, their policy is not to declaw cats or something like that. What would you like me to write (provided you can confirm that it is true).

      • They DO NOT insist there cats are declawed. Many people have commented on this including the writer of the article. This should have been taken care of a long te ago.

        • Vicky, do you work for the organisation? Can you get someone who works for the shelter to certify that they don’t insist on declawing? I do need to check. Anyone can say what you are saying although don’t take that the wrong way.

  15. Michael,
    I am working on an article on “fading color” in the Bengal cat, I found your article on your black cat turning red and wondered if the addition of tyrosine changed the coloring back to the black? I am wondering if diet might not be a piece of this issue.
    Wanting some more information. Have you heard of anyone with patterned cat also finding the addition of tyrosine helping?
    thank you. Libbie

  16. Hi there,
    I like your blog. However I have a question. You have the a cat escapes fire video, and I am wondering if you have an authorised permission release for it. I had to take my post down. Just wondering if you contacted the original owner of the video and how much it cost for the copyright. Thank you.

  17. I have a cat that has the basic looks and personality of a Maine Coon but all the personality traits of a Ragdoll. He is currently 15 months old and weighs almost 16 pounds (and is solid, not a fat cat). Is there a way to tell by looking at him what breed he is? He was a rescue (abandoned at 3 weeks old) so we have no parent information.
    Thanks for your time 🙂

    • The trouble is that in America or the UK a cat can only be a member of a cat breed if she is registered and there is a family tree registered as well. My experience tells me that there is no way to tell from appearance but exceptionally it is possible to say a cat is a purebred cat of a certain breed because the cat has outstanding appearance characteristics for that breed (to “type”).

      Both the Ragdoll and Maine Coon come from random bred cats. That muddies things already! Thanks for visiting and asking.

  18. hi i have been trying everything and doing a lot of research on trying to find a way to update you all about my cat milo but the website changed so much that i am very confused on where i am suppose to write an update on this site could you please give me an e-mail address to send my update of how milo is doing please thank you so much

    • Hi Darlene. Nice to hear from you. You can just write another comment and I’ll turn it into an article. I’ll email you anyway and you can them respond to the email with your story. Hope you are well.

  19. I have killed cats as an adult. Does that mean I will be a serial killer ? I am in treatment for this on a very regular basis and would like to speak to you. Can you please send me a txt message 330-631-3122 … I would be facinated to talk with you and get your personal opinion. Please…. I suffer from ocd but why the cat killing. Ive stopped and feel deep regret about what ive done but i would still like your input……please

    • Hello. Your comment is extremely interesting. Thank you for commenting. Why don’t you write a bit more about yourself in another comment and then let me post what you say in an article on this website so that I and other regular visitors can comment and provide their input?

      There is no absolute connection between killing cats and then becoming a serial killer. I’m sure that there are cases of people who have gone from animal abuse to human abuse but it is far from definite. I will try and text you anyway. It would be nice to discuss your feelings and emotions and why you killed cats as an adult.

        • Dee, I did in fact send a text message and he has just telephoned me. He is an American and is living in America as far as I can tell. He admits to killing 6 cats when he was 31 years of age. He referred to an article that I’d written in which apparently I stated that if a kid killed the cat they go on to become serial killers and I don’t recall saying that because is not true. Sometimes young people who abuse animals may go on to abuse people or even kill them but there is not an automatic progression from one to the other.

          To be honest, Dee, I am a bit concerned about this because this person may have conned me in someway but no idea what his intentions are other than as he has stated. He may well write another comment and I hope he does just to reassure me that he is genuine.

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  22. I was looking for (what I assumed) was an orange tipped Siamese. Siamese are my favorite breed of cat and my neighbor just happens to have a male running loose on the outside. He is not neutered, so I cannot bring him in because I currently have an unspayed female (not siamese) cat staying with me and I cannot afford a litter of kittens at the moment either. Thank you for posting the pictures of the flame point as that is what the tom cat looks like!
    If I get a picture of the tom cat, how would I send it to you?

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  24. No problem Michael. Just to be exact, when I re-found your site, all I did was copy the URL from the address bar and pasted it into a new ‘subscribe’ field and it worked fine displaying all the stories I missed since June 16th. As you say therefore – there must have been a small change in the URL. It works perfectly now as it always did.

    I understand the need to have unique visitors when promoting a site. I figured this might be the reason. Therefore you must keep it as is so people cannot read – as you say – the entire post in a reader without visiting POC. What I had hoped would solve this would be a system that also included subscribers in your unique visitor counts so the figures still add up and look good. It should be like that. A subscriber is better than a unique visitor in my opinion, as it obviously shows a loyalty to POC.

    • Nice point. Personally, I have learned to dislike the whole Google ranking, Alexa ranking, visitor-chasing thing. It becomes tiresome and artificial. Glad you are back as a subscriber.

  25. Hi Michael. I subscribed to your site in google reader a long time ago and would always read every single post that showed up in my reader – they were truncated – so i would always have to click to go directly to your site to continue reading. I can only imagine you truncate them in order to get more clicks/unique visitors to your site. I understand the need to do this. If its not for a specific reason then would it be possible for you to let us read entire posts from our readers? Also, I read so many things about cats from many different sites – so many, ‘Life with Cats’ for example, and even from the ‘Cat Blogosphere’ for more light-hearted but informative stuff too.

    I literally subscribe to about 40 sites which I read regularly, about cats, and many which I browse just occasionally, and its very helpful to have a reader. Furthermore I can search through all my reading/subscriptions and find what I am looking for very easily, just like with gmail.

    I thought I should point out, and I see why now I have finally gone on the web looking for POC, that my last post that showed in my reader from POC was on June 16th. I was getting worried after seeing no futher posts. But as I said, I have so much other stuff to read about cats that I didn’t get around to finding out what happened until yesterday. I have resubscribed and you are now back and functioning in my reader thank goodness. I was getting worried.

    Anyway, just to tell you that there might be many regular visitors who use a reader such as google, who think you have just disappeared. If you can send out one little post on the old subscription protocol/address or whatever you would call that channel, just to tell people they need to come and resubscribe you might get some people back who didnt know about the server change. I’m glad to be back. I always read everything that come from POC. I’ve commented a little bit here and there too, not that it matters so much. POC has its own style and sense towards the subject which I like very much as part of a larger balance of all things cat. Its an important site therefore in my mind. It would be sad if you lost regular visitors. If your choice to truncate posts in readers happens to be arbitrary then I would advise to undo that, just so people can organise and search from their own personal systems of organisation. BUT I understand the variety of reasons that you might keep things as is with that.

    Kind Regards, Marc in Switz.

    • Thanks Marc for your feedback. It is appreciated. I think the disappearance (which I had no idea about) was due to the change in host company, which was very difficult and fraught with problems and the URL of PoC losing the www part. I had no control over these things! But it may also be due to Google Feedburner which lost my feed details due to the change. I have updated it and Feedburner now sends out feeds.

      As to Google Reader showing part posts, I’ll have a look at this. This is probably due to Feedburner. I can alter those settings. That said I don’t want visitors to read the whole post off-site! It is important that people visit as you say. But it is also important for me that people like you are happy!

      Thanks for the idea of sending out a post on the new feed. That might be impossible now but I’ll have a look. However, as you received a new feed in Google Reader without changing any settings, I hope the same has occurred with others.

      Thanks again Marc.

  26. Hi Michael,

    I was greatly surprised at this new website – not sure if I particularly like it. I don’t mind change, but this one isn’t as user-friendly as the old one. The old one had all the subjects cohesively by subject in an orderly fashion. Now the margin to the right has nothing but a bunch of words that’s way too busy and hurts the eyes while trying to search thru all the junk for the subject of interest. Not a good move. Sorry.

    • Hi Gail, first, the move was forced on me not a choice! Secondly I can change things. In fact I can change anything whereas with the old site I could not change anything globally. I’ll make the right hand navbar the same as the old one. But the navbar at the top does the job better actually. Also this site is functionally much better (i.e. comments work better) and if you want to find things you can use the search facility. That is the best way and always was. Stick around please. It is developing and I need to repair some pages because the move altered them slightly.

  27. Hello Michael,
    Have not been receiving any updates of your blog “Pictures of Cats” on my e-mail address.I have learnt a lot and also contributed by own experiences to your esteemed website.Whats the reason for the abrupt stoppage of ‘P.O.C” to my mailing address?Sincerely addicted to the site and missing the exchange of “Cat Experiences and comments” by fellow Cat owners.
    Yours sincerely,

    • Hi Rudolph, Sorry, I had to move the site. Things changed. You can subscribe by email by putting your email address in the panel underneath the “Subscribe to receive new blogposts” in the right hand navigation bar.

      Hope you are well…Michael.

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