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Credit Card Policy Kills Cat — 6 Comments

  1. Yes, this is tragic.
    The HSUS claims to only operate no-kill shelters, saying that they only euthanize animals if they are too seriously ill or injured to recover.
    However, our local HS has a contractual agreement with our county shelter to do the deeds under other circumstances. Thus, they dump animals at the shelter to relieve their overcrowding or rid themselves of those who have not been adopted within a certain timeframe (which they don’t divulge). This is how they deceitfully keep there claim of being “no-kill”. This is, precisely, why I am no longer a member or contributor. I didn’t learn of their practices until about 5 years ago. Most of the general public here has no clue.

  2. I remember this story very well – it’s so sad and he must be heartbroken even still now. So sad and horrible and poor little kitten. I bet he loved that kitten more than anything.

    • Yes, I think it is particularly poignant because Dockery made a connection that was beneficial to him and he seems to have failed to do that with people.

  3. This is terrible! That poor chap, yes he’s an addict and been in prison but who knows what drove him to that life.
    He must basically be a decent human being because he loved Scruffy and he cared enough to sign him over so that he could get treatment, so how heartless that the cat was killed by people who are supposed to be humane.
    Money seems to be the first thought of too many people now, whatever happened to compassion and helping each other when it’s possible?

    • Yes, and there are hundreds of thousands of cat tragedies every week, month or year. It is all out there. I am sure that right now something similar is happening somewhere.

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