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  2. Discovered Rusty Spotted Cat on 12th Feb.,2013 at 8:07 p.m. In Chhari wetland conseration reserve, Banni area, Kutch, Gujarat

  3. Ruth I love your bookmarks Michael is right you are caring AND clever! I am definitely going to print them off and leave them wherever I go!! Nice work! πŸ™‚

  4. To put it simply it’s a healing or soothing energy which comes through the person doing it πŸ™‚

    • When I was working in outpatient physical therapy many, many patients stated that I had really good manual therapy skills. I was surprised. I didn’t think my technique was as good as it could be and unlike some PTA’s I won’t do joint mobilizations since APTA says we shouldn’t. Then one day the supervising PT said she didn’t want to do manual therapy on a patient because she had a migraine and was going through some stress with a situation with her son that day and she felt she would make the patient feel worse. She felt that you can actually transmit tension to a patient by giving a massage when you are in pain or tense. She claims she has firsthand experience of this. When I do manual therapy I clear my mind completely and relax, focusing only on that patient, on the tight muscles I’m working on. My clinical instructor told me not too talk too much while doing manual therapy– just let the patient relax. After he said that I started to relax myself while doing it– even though sometimes I’m pushing very hard to release trigger points– I’m still mentally relaxed. So in a way I may have been doing very basic Reiki without knowing it.

      • Yes I think you were Ruth!
        There are special Reiki CDs of beautiful relaxing music and I also have ‘Timeless Sea’ which is classical music with the sound of the sea in the background, it’s very calming.
        Ruth you could sing to your patients, you have a beautiful voice.
        I sing to the cats and birds now, I used to sing quietly to our late mother when she was poorly and it soothed her.
        If I had a beautiful voice I’d liked to have sung at funerals to bring comfort to the bereaved.

  5. πŸ™ oh no! I am a Reiki II and have been for some time, I have two Reiki masters and intend to pursue Master shortly. It is never too late! NEVER we all have the ability and age is no barrier!

    Love and Light

  6. What an interesting choice of words Ruth aka Kattaddorra πŸ™‚ I am a Reiki practitioner and perform Reiki on people and animals πŸ™‚

    Yes actually I was rather ignorant and very young. I didn’t realize that knuckles were cut off! I was seriously that ignorant and what it did to them. That was eons ago, even though they were anesthetized I thought they just (as gory as it really is) thought they just pulled them off like perhaps you would do to a human being. Pull off the nail and that was that. Knowing what I know now, never ever would I do that again!

    Love and Light

    • I only achieved Reiki level one before my lovely Reiki master Catherine died, she was only in her 40s. I had intended to do level 2 and then Reiki Master with her and lost heart for a while. Then time went past and I felt I’d left it too late to take it up with another Master.

  7. Ruth aka Kattaddorra, I was ignorant at one time to what declawing did. After being well educated I haven’t done it for years. A lot of my rescues are declawed (already were when I saved them) with the exception of my new boy Quentin and he has a full set of very sharp ones LOL.

    All of my cats are indoor cats, but I have built what I call affectionately a “Catio” – I have a deck with a nice path of grass at the end of it approximately 4′ x 12′ (1.22m x 3.65m) Completely surrounding the deck and the grassy area is a deer fence I put up that is 8′ (2.45m) high. They get the benefit of playing in the grass and get to bask in full sun. πŸ™‚

    Love and Light

    • Monty’s back yard is similar. He doesn’t climb the fence, but he could get out if he wanted to. To be sure you can put something at the top of the fence at a 45 degree angle. I just saw that type of fencing on Jackson Galaxy’s show “My Cat From Hell” but I can’t remember the brand name of it. You could improvise something that would work as well. We put chicken wire cones around some of the trees so Monty can’t go up there and get stuck. He has some he climbs just fine, so no cones around those.

    • Carol I’m so glad you stopped declawing when you found out how cruel it is, some people go into denial even though they must know amputating a cat’s toe ends is wrong. Sadly also some people even when they know don’t care that cats suffer, their furniture is more important to them.
      A Catio is a good idea in places where you can’t let your cats have their freedom, cats deserve fresh air and grass to roll in and nibble on and sun on their backs (I call the sun God’s Reiki)
      We are lucky to live in a safe cat friendly place here so ours can go out, but even so we keep them in after dark and when no one is going to be at home. We don’t have the wild animals here in the UK that you have and most people here let their cats go out.

  8. They are really good bookmarks Ruth,I’ve seen the ones you’ve made to test the template out, you’re a great warrior in the anti-declaw war even though you’re many thousands of miles away from where these crimes are committed. I’m very proud of you sister for all the work you’ve done to fight declawing.

    • You too Barbara have done a lot over the last 5 years and you go out to work so you don’t have all the time I do being retired.
      All we want is for ALL cats to stop suffering and hopefully one day it will happen….until then we can only plod on doing our best to make sure the whole world knows the truth about the cruelty of declawing.

  9. Ruth (Monty’s Mom) Sending energy your direction, I just got through the very same virus last week and it took nearly 7 days to overcome it! I was miserable and couldn’t get comfortable.

    Take care of you that is utmost important! When you are well all will come together on what you need to do… You are simply a marvelous women going to the extents you are to ensure people are aware and have awareness. I used to declaw until I discovered how it affects the cat and their health. I haven’t declawed in years now so I suffer happily with the little tattoos they leave on my arms and legs πŸ™‚

    Love and Light

    • Thanks, Carol. I’m feeling better, but the nursing home didn’t want me back yet, so another day with Monty. I worked in nursing homes and hospitals for years never getting sick. When I taught I was sick as a dog all the time. I picked up a few tutoring students recently, just to be using my teaching license still, and within a month I’m sick as a dog again. It’s those kid germs. They are virulent. Monty is right to be scared of children.

      The Cat Network just adopted out a cat who really likes to use his claws on you– he climbs up you, hangs onto you, kneads you if he’s sitting in your lap. I am worried he will end up being declawed. The volunteers said, “But he’s an older cat, that would be really horrible to put him through that.” But will that really stop people? I saw a stunning cat there and I have family members who just lost a cat. At first I thought she was declawed because she doesn’t like her paws handled. But then I noticed she does have claws. So even though I could get her a home possibly, I won’t try. They WILL declaw any cat they get. That beautiful girl is better off living at The Cat Network the rest of her life if need be than to be adopted and declawed.

      • Ruth(Monty’sMom),

        Thank you for sharing that. It’s not just animals’ neglect that breaks my heart… it’s this “grey” area surrounding declawing and the myths, because so, so many loving pet owners are cruel without even knowing it…

        I think that you two deserve so much credit for taking the initiative to play an active role in this, and to Michael for keeping this website alive, and well.

        Thank you. You are all an inspiration.

  10. If anyone wants any of these bookmarks for any other specific reason than declawing, for example to sell at animal charity days, I can put any graphics or wording you would need in the colours of your choice.
    I don’t want to put my email address here as some people hate that I have made so many anti declaw posters and I’d be likely to get some nasty emails, but Michael I’m sure wouldn’t mind forwarding me any requests and I would get back to you for details of exactly what you wanted.

  11. My favorite is the one with the kitty in a wheelchair. How do you generate all the images for your posters and bookmarks, Ruth?

    • I have a set of 5 CDs with various graphics on which Babz bought me from Amazon years ago and I use Micrografix which is an old programme but easy to use. I then convert the micrografix poster/bookmarks to jpeg but keep a copy of the micrografix so I can change anything and then convert it again….if that makes sense lol

      • We have something similar, but just one big book. Jeff calls it clip art. I thought maybe you were creating your own clip art since so many images fit the anti-declawing theme so well.

        • I search for the ones that fit and sometimes change them a bit. I wouldn’t know where to start creating my own.

  12. I’m working on some materials they can hand out at The Cat Network with each cat they adopt. The volunteers discourage declawing but state that they know people probably do it anyway. I said that if properly educated they won’t do it. Dr. Gaskin sent me a brochure I can make copies of and some very good points by the Carver-Scott Humane Society in Minnesota which I plan to borrow and put into something with The Cat Network’s logo on it. The bookmarks could be freebies or they could sell them at the upcoming rummage sale they are having to benefit the shelter. It’s always nice to have some inexpensive items kids can buy. It would be great to get these in the hands of kids. I haven’t gotten to printing them up and putting a little ribbon through them yet. They’ll be printed on heavy card stock on a laser printer so I don’t think I’ll need to laminate them.

    I am recovering from either influenza or maybe the Noro Virus so I have had no energy for the past few days. Monty has enjoyed having me home with him. We went outside a lot yesterday and I relaxed in the sun on a blanket near where he was sitting in the shade. The heat of the sun helped with the intense myalgia I’ve had for two solid days. (Ugh) Monty was having none of it and stuck to shady, cool areas. If you had to wear a heavy black fur coat on the first warm day of the year, you’d lie in the shade too. But it’s nice having Monty in my life because I feel less guilty about not being able to work and not having the force of will to make myself be productive. I did accomplish something. I gave Monty a good day. I laid down by him outside. He loved it.

  13. Oh I truly like these πŸ™‚ thanks for posting them!

    I have tattoos all over me from my cats! There little love marks from kneeding me…

    Love and Light

    • Love marks is such a good name for them Carol, would you believe some people have their cats declawed and the cats not knowing who has had this done to them still try to knead with their poor little mutilated toes. It breaks my heart!

    • Carol, thank you for that mention of “little love marks.” I confess that my cats climb me as if I were a tree. Thick denim–thank God for Levi’s! (I never had any desire to stop them from doing this when they wanted to sit on my shoulder, watching the world from on High. Their beautiful claws that only go in just as much as necessary to climb up, wow! They could use their full claws like on an actual tree, but in their caring minds, no. Just enough to get to where I am most happy and content. (Me, as well!)

      And the little love pricks? Well, what can I say. I scratch them off a few days later, when in the shower, and it makes me smile… a BIG unconditional loving smile.

      And furniture? Replaceable. Love it. πŸ˜‰

      • My apologies, I might have added, it’s simple to train your cats not to climb you, nor use the couch arm as a scratching post. I just choose not to do it because I don’t mind it. If any blame is to be placed, it’s on me for not training them, when it is so easy to do so. I don’t believe there is any blame to be placed anywhere, except on those who refuse to accept that declawing is a form of mutilation, which is torture.

        • I agree. I love that feeling of Monty’s claws gripping onto me when I pick him up. He’s not hurting me– it reminds me of fingers holding on, just giving him more confidence. He doesn’t always do it. Once, I had to move a patient’s cat so we could continue our session and that cat held on like that with his claws. He didn’t know me very well. He felt more comfortable being able to hang on. How sad to take away a cat’s ability to feel totally comfortable, to hang onto his human when he is picked up. If someone picked you up you might hang onto them– with your fingers. A cat’s claws are his fingers.

  14. Thanks Michael, the alignment should be perfect as I printed off and cut out every bookmark myself to make sure.
    Laminating makes them look good.
    I have also left a space at the top of each bookmark if anyone wants to make them even more attractive by threading a ribbon through a round hole.
    If you want to make them thicker you can print 2 x A4 cards and stick the 2 pieces together with pritt or similar.
    Ruth (Monty’s mom) gave me this idea as she needed some to hand out and we thought it was a good idea as you can leave them around in libraries, pet shops, catteries, anywhere cat people go….even declaw vets although they would probably destroy them πŸ™

    • Thank you so much to “Two Ruths.” You made it so simple for the rest of us, so I guess there’s no excuse to not print out something useful, is there? πŸ™‚

      As far as the “declaw” veterinarians are concerned, some are, and will actually leave your bkmrks on the front counter, just ask them. My feline vet does not like doing declaws (which, I think, is why she has a degree in Human Psychology) so that she can persuade them to try alternatives before she agrees to do a declaw. IMHO, she certainly does not want to see them abandoned or given up, as this too can lead to all sorts of issues. It’s such a touchy subject, isn’t it. I, too, am adamantly against it.)

      Thank You, again! [Have cardstock, will Print!]

      • I wish all vets would stop declawing, it would only take one to refuse, then another, then another and so on.
        Also I know it would be difficult, in fact in some cases impossible if there were only declaw vets in the area, but if every cat caretaker who could, went to a non declaw vet, it would help get the message over.
        We in England can’t understand vets doing this surgery, our vets would never do it even before it was banned here and to us it is truly shocking thinking that some USA and Canadian vets actually even offer declawing at the same time as neutering, or declawing with discount.
        They break their sworn oath to cause no animal to suffer and that really is what we here can’t understand, that someone trained to help animals so presumably loves them, would mutilate cats that way.

        • You’ve really got me thinking, Ruth. I need to talk face-to-face with my vet about this. I’ve intuitively, even before I knew what takes place in the surgical procedure, always believed that it is downright cruel, even since I was a child. It never occurred to me to question my vet of twenty-odd yrs, since I knew she only saw felines and was committed to the feral cat colonies here in Lincoln, NE. (trap, spay/neuter, notch, release I blv she actually started the program here–the Cat House, et al, then began taking an active role.

          I will hopefully be able to discuss this with her.

          And you have me researching Louis Holton’s work, South African, who came to the US in 1986, devoting herself to animals, esp. cats. Hereis the website for those interested: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alley_Cat_Rescue


          • Cal, the reason why your comment was not published immediately is because the computer program saw two links and when it sees that it holds a comment for moderation because spam emails have links in them. Of course, yours is not spam but the program does not know that. Just thought I’d tell you that in case you were concerned.

            • Thank You for replying, Michael, because I was still upset that you might have, like others, misinterpreted what I’d said on an earlier page. Ruth has given me much to think about, regarding my feline vet, who I had highly respected over the yrs, without reflecting on her whole practice (incl. ethics). Ruth has given me the strength through her words to move in the right direction.

              • I was thinking about you in the night Cal and wondering what I’d do in your situation and on second thoughts as you MUST put your own cats first maybe it’s not worth tackling this very delicate subject with her right now.

              • I’m checking out. Won’t be back. Just took a . I don’t care. It’s clear to me that nobody her cares so much about humans as they do cats

                • Cal, what do you mean? All of us care about people but we also care about cats and as cats are more vulnerable than people and as this is a cat website we express our concern about cats. It may look one-sided but that is because it’s a cat site. Please stick around because cats need you.

                  Also I am working on a PoC membership scheme in which all members can nominate a cat charity which PoC donates a set amount of money to every month. I want to make PoC a community owned website in the long term. I’ll be discussing that later.

              • Cal, I know declawing is a very upsetting topic. But are you all right? I hope you do come back. I said a quick prayer for you.

                Here is how I handle the fact that my state has no vets who never declaw. I just picked the most pro-claw one I could find. At Monty’s vet the AVMA policy is followed to a tee, with client education, active discouragement of declawing and the requirement that alternatives are tried first. But at the end of the day– they still do it. However, another vet I tried encourages declawing so I quit him. Too bad. He had a nice quiet office, cats only. The pro-claw place sees lots of dogs. Big ones. Poor Monty.

                If your current vet is following AVMA policy, even if she still sometimes declaws, she is head and shoulders above the crowd and you can give her credit for that.
                Vets are trained in anatomy in terms of what muscle to cut to do surgery, not in terms of form and function. They don’t get it. A vet around here who does pet rehabilitation therapy has similar training to a physical therapist and she sees the connection between form and function. But she does declaw surgeries, though it tears her up inside. Because she’s afraid if she doesn’t the cat will end up in a shelter and be killed.

                Millions of cats are killed each year. Vets declaw thinking (however wrongly) that to do so will save lives. I didn’t have Monty declawed even though my husband and his friends were pushing for that because Monty’s vet looked sad when I brought it up. More than sad. Devastated. That is what made me do some research. Not all declaw vets are greedy monsters. They just are more upset by cats being PTS than cats having toe ends amputated. As a physical therapist assistant, I have to say the declawing is more heinous than the killing to me. And the sad part is declawing makes cats more likely to end up being dumped in shelters.

                It is overwhelming to think about these issues. All we can do is take care of our cats the best we can and when the time is right talk to people. Even the vets need us. They need to know we support them if they take a stand against declawing. They face potential hassles from other vets if they stand up against this. They face clients saying that they will just take the cat to a different vet or give it up to a shelter if the vet won’t declaw. I think it is damaging to those vets to feel forced into something they deep down are against.

                We don’t want to lose your input, but it’s ok to put declawing on the back burner for awhile if you need to.

              • Cal please don’t go! We need every person against declawing to help us get it stopped. We do upset each other sometimes but it happens in real life as well as on internet sites, we are all only human and can only do our best.
                We DO care about humans too, my sister Barbara and I fund raise for charities from cats to old folk to mentally challenged young people to children in distress to……..
                We can and do care about many things.
                This site is of course biased to cats because it IS a CAT site.
                I’ve just written an article on your dilemma and hoped you and others in your situation would comment to help us in other countries understand:


                Take care

            • Michael what a lovely idea, a PoC membership scheme to help cat charities, you are a very thoughtful and generous gentleman πŸ™‚

              • I think it would be good in the longterm, when I get very old and need partners, friends and ailurophiles to help me. It would be a unique website – owned, managed and run by ailurophiles. That is a dream. It could continue when I’m gone over the rainbow bridge πŸ˜‰

          • Good on you Cal. The only way declawing will stop is if cat caretakers let their vets know that word is around now that declawing is not ‘just’ the removal of the claw and even if it was ‘just’ that, it’s wrong to take essential healthy body parts from an animal.
            Yes we encourage neutering which is taking healthy body parts but they are not essential parts and can eventually cause serious health problems to both sexes of cats.
            Declawing is banned or considered extremely inhumane in 39 countries and 8 Californian Cities so far, with good reason.
            You need to arm yourself with all the facts before tackling a declaw vet.
            They may argue that declawing keeps cats in their homes, it doesn’t! Many declawed cats are abandoned or relinquished to Shelters where some are killed as unadoptable because of the problems from the declawing. A person who would only have an adapted cat isn’t the sort of person who should have a cat in their home and those people are usually the first to want rid of the cat if things go wrong!
            But most of all, vets breaks their sworn oath and cause cats to suffer by the amputation of their toe ends, the cats are their clients, but the caretakers are the ones they aim to please because they pay the bills and surely it’s wrong to put money first.
            GOOD LUCK Cal x

            • Thanks for the positive feedback, Ruth. I’m more than a little bit depressed right now–I just don’t know what to do or say to my beloved veterinarian. It truly is difficult.

              • It must be very difficult for you Cal because you have to put your own cats health first and if there isn’t a non declaw vet where you live, then you have no choice but to go to one who is.
                If I was you I’d say nothing to your vet, just quietly help us educate as many cat people as you can, spreading the truth is all we can do until we get declawing banned.
                Even if you only get through to one person how cruel it is, they are likely to tell more people and they will tell more, you can save hundreds of claws that way, we have!
                It’s sad but even though they know it’s wrong, the declaw vets aren’t going to stop until they are forced to because even though the AVMA policy is that declawing should only be a last resort for serious scratching behaviour, they turn a blind eye to little kittens being mutilated before they’ve even had the chance to learn to use a scratching post.
                I get very depressed thinking of cats suffering every day, we had quite a few UK ‘troops’ at one time helping but many couldn’t take it any more as it seemed we were getting nowhere fast.
                It must be a hundred times worse for you being there where it happens, take care and just do what you can when you can.
                We WILL get declawing banned worldwide one day.

              • Cal I really feel for you πŸ™ I don’t know what I would do either if I were in your shoes πŸ™ I too have a great vet who is amazing with my cats she talks to them coaxes them and calms then but I don’t know how I would feel if that vet then went on to chop off my babies toes if I just gave the nod.

                Your vet would almost certainly take offence if you said anything yet at the same time you would have to balance it with how much you value all she/he has done for your cat(s). Sometimes fend or please you have to be strong in you beliefs Please stay on PoC Cal you are amongst friends πŸ™‚

          • Whatever is the matter Cal?
            It’s a good job you didn’t get Woody on your back you’d have something to be upset about then.
            This is the best cat site you could ever find on the internet and when Micheal had to change it I didn’t like it and stayed away a bit but gave in and came back and I’m glad I did.
            Saying we care more about cats than people is a bit sad,it’s a cat site for Gods sake of course we put cats first.If we want to put people first we go to a peoples site.

            • Thanks Rose. We need people like you. I think the site is good too πŸ˜‰ The reason is because people like you come to the site and pass on your experience and knowledge.

            • Why are you being so hard on me? This is why I did not let my compulsion to log on sway me. Why are some of you being so hard on me? I tried to keep up the discussion on this imperative issue so that it wouldn’t possibly be left by the wayside for one minute! by other topics at PoC. I understand. You think that I am not doing enough. But maybe I’m doing my best. (And, –i prefer a private email–if you think that I’M at fault, pls be direct. FFFfffttt!

              prrrr…rrrr…I like you all the same. >..< We love our animals, don't we?

              And Michael, hmph, I will meet YOU in Ponca City, hopefully. (late May?)

            • Rose, I don’t know you, at all, but you’re an animal lover and that is good enough for me [cat-lovers united we stand and aren’t cat-lovers in allrespectsthe utimate animal lovers?) ok, side-tracked.]

              Michael, Why do you denigrate me on this site? If I have said anthing insenstivei, pls let me know? Maybe I misinterpreted Ruth(K), Katadora Kattaddorra, she was kind e to me, in her way, but I don’t blv that being quite so straightforward is the way to achieve our hgoal. Granted, I just came to this site two yrs ago, but that doesn’t make me4 asny less of a compassionate, cat-loving (you don’t know me) person than any other individual on this site.

              • I never denigrate anyone as far as I know. I might criticise if I think a person or body of people deserve it but denigrate, no. Tell what I have done. If I have, I apologise.

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