Customised Cat Declaw Bookmarks

If you’d like something a bit different, special and customized and have the equipment (most have) you might like these bookmarks. You have to be anti-declaw, but what is the barrier to being anti-declaw?

Ruth (aka Kattaddorra), who created them, says this:

I’ve designed them on A4 so they would only need to put a piece of A4 card in,  print the front, turn it over and put it in the same way and print the back in the matching colours. It makes 5 bookmarks per page. If anyone also laminated each one after they cut them out, they would look even better….

[Note 1: A4 is a standard UK paper size for office and home work. It is probably very similar to USA sizes.]

[Note 2: the front and back of each bookmark is on the same level on this page – i.e. left and right on each line]

Note from Michael:

If you click on the thumbnail images (small images that lead to larger ones) you are taken to a large format picture. Right click your mouse on it and select “save image as” (Mac) or the equivalent on a PC. It looks like this:


Download the image to desktop and print it out as explained by Ruth. You’ll need a decent ink jet printer with quality ink and some photo quality paper to print on (ideally). I’ll presume that the alignment between back and front is perfect. If you do this and encounter a problem, please tell us.

If anyone has any ideas about products like this that PoC can get involved in, please leave a comment.

If there is anything anyone thinks PoC could sell online, in the interests of cat welfare, please leave another comment! I am interested in doing something like that.

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