Cymric Cat Collage

The Cymric is the most cobby of all the purebred cats. Cobby in the cat fancy means “a compact body shape”1. See Cat Body Types and Glossary of Cat Terms. It is “at the absolute extreme of the cobby body”2.

Cymric cat collage
Cymric Cat Collage – photos copyright Helmi Flick
Here are four splendid photographs of the Cymric cat, the long haired Manx. Actually the hair looks at most semi-long to me but it should be very dense and plush. If you describe the Manx you also describe the Cymric and vice versa, except for the longer hair.  Although the bodies are very short, breeders try to avoid breeding cats with bodies that are too short. When viewed from above the stomach area should be of a good size.

This cat tends to lean forward as the hind legs are longer than the fore legs. This also encourages a hopping gait, which is why it is sometimes referrred to as “the rabbit cat”. The hindquarters are said to be “extremely powerful”2.  This allows for excellent jumping skills. As a result they like high perches. Tails are used for balance. For the Cymric and Manx, the strength in the hind legs take over this role. This breed is very playful and has a fine turn of speed. They are said to be loyal to one person. That is obviously qualified by differences in the character of individual cats.


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