Cymric Cat Facts For Kids

The Cymric is a breed of cat. It is a solid, round looking cat that has no tail. It should be exactly like the Manx except for its long fur. The Cymric is a long haired Manx. Therefore kids can click on this link:

Manx Cat Facts in Plain Language

….for information about the Manx and Cymric. On this page there is some extra information that is just about the Cymric.

Firstly, here are two pictures of the Cymric cat:

Cymric Cat Facts For Kids
Cymric Cat Facts For Kids. Photos are copyright Helmi Flick
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The pictures are of one black and one white Cymric cat. These are really nice looking cats. However, the Cymric can be seen in a massive range of colors and patterns – over 700 types of coat in total! You will see all sorts of Cymric cats. I chose black and white Cymrics because they look nice together.

The Name

The name of this cat is interesting. Where does the word “Cymric” come from? Well, Cymric is an old language that some people in Wales still speak. We are also told that “Cymru” is the word for “Wales”. Wales is part of the United Kingdom (UK). It is not far from an island called the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea. The Isle of Man is where the Manx cat is said to have come from. So there it is. Someone decided to call the long haired Manx cat a “Cymric” because it sounded good and the word comes from a place that is not far from the place where the Manx cat comes from. This cat breed does not come from Wales. It comes from North America.


The first Cymric kittens were born to Manx cats in Canada in the 1960s. This is what we are told but be careful about cat breed history. We are not sure.  This cat first became a cat breed in the 1970s because cat breeders agreed they could be a new cat breed. Some people say the Cymric should not be a separate cat breed. Instead, they say it should be called a Manx cat with long hair.


The Cymric is a playful and friendly cat that is loyal to his human companion. They like being high up and are good jumpers because they have strong legs.

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  1. They look very strong and stocky. It’s true they are so similar to Manx cats in many respects that they could just as well be long haired Manx by name.

    • Yes, the cat fancy calls them the ultimate cobby cat. Of course, they were not always thus. The original Manx was just an ordinary moggie without a tail and selective breeding created this. That’s the cat fancy.


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