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  1. It’s nice to see Marvin again Dorothy. Thanks! There is nothing that makes me happier than to see a happy and satisfied cat. I also have a bit of a thing for those orange boy cats.

    I love their sense of adventure and general curiosity mixed with being very laid back. I think that describes them. When they are busy they are busy, but when they are relaxing then they are all up for cuddles and whatever you bring to them. At least that’s how my Red was. Marvin looks happy. So sweet that he and Daisy go for walks together. I know a big dog called Daisy, but she is neither calm enough nor quiet enough towards the cats and kittens she lives with. I hope Marvin will sleep on a heated bed this winter like you proposed. He will then be totally set. I’m sure he will let you close the door when he is inside just as soon as he realises that you will open it as soon as he asks you to. Thanks for the photo and little update 🙂

    • I hope you are right Marc. It is still warm summer here, though the nights are cooling. Marvin has made little dents all over the garden where he either lays following the sun, or the shade depending on the time of day. For now, he comes in the house for social time. Making the rounds, meowing loudly. Sometimes he’ll lay next to Daisy but keep talking. Then….he’s done. Back outside he goes. If I close the door when he is inside he’ll stand next to it and holler. I hope you are right. Given time and trust that I’ll open the door, maybe he will hang out longer. I put the heated bed out there already so he will get used to seeing it. He loves the cover so there is hope. Of course, he’d be welcome to live inside always, but I don’t think that is in the stars for this cat. Bigfoot is glad of that.

      If that is true about ginger cats, if ever I just HAVE to go find a cat (probably never, as they find me) I will pick a big orange ginger tabby.


    • Of all the moggies the ginger tabby boy cat is probably the best for character. That is obviously my opinion and very much a personal opinion.

  2. Nicely done Michael. Charlie looks exhausted from his study!

    That Marvin is a most unusual cat. He loves to walk with Daisy. I think there will be many stories around old Marvin.

    Thanks for the entertainment!


    • Marvin looks like a wise boy. He has been around the block literally and metaphorically. I’d like hear some more stories about him if and when you have some time. Charlie likes to lie amongst the books and on my legs. I think he feels at home with tigers around him.

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