DYLAN The Fundraising Rescue Cat

By Ruth aka Kattaddorra

This is what Dylan says about himself on his Facebook page which is called:

‘Dylan Celebrity Puss’

‘I am a rescue cat from Ark on the Edge Animal Sanctuary, feline fundraiser and a totally chilled out individual. And am known to do visits to local care homes etc. I live with seven other cats and a dedicated loving housekeeper’

Dylan was adopted by Chris, one of the trustees of the Sanctuary. He is profoundly deaf but a friendlier cat you could never wish to meet.

Dylan a fund raising cat
Post by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
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He was at Wilson’s Veterinary Group birthday celebrations and was the star of the show. Doreen and Kathryn on the Kays Hill stall pointed him out to us as their table was between our CP table and the Ark on the Edge table. Dylan was tucked in the corner sitting happily amongst the Ark volunteers there fund raising.

Of course Babz and I just had to take turns to go and meet him and hear his story and stroke him. He was on a harness held by Chris and quite happy to be the centre of attention, he is absolutely adorable, chunky and silky soft. He even rolled over and let me tickle his tummy.

Later in the afternoon Chris walked him amongst quite a lot of people, he was rubbing around legs and butting people’s hands, wonderful with the children there too. I have never seen such a laid back cat in my life!

Dylan fund raising cat
Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra

I asked Chris for her permission to take some photos for PoC, she had seen links to this site on Marion’s page and has never got around to visiting but she said she will come along if I send her this link and will tell us more about her remarkable and beautiful cat.

Walter and Jozef were not impressed when we told them some cats actually do like being on a harness, they said ‘Ladies, If you like having skin you won’t ever be trying it on us’ Lol

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38 thoughts on “DYLAN The Fundraising Rescue Cat”

  1. Dylan’s FB page has now has 82 likes, and just recently at a fundraising event 5 people came and asked where he was. I explained he was having a rest and he would be out and about with us again soon.
    Meanwhile our feline celebrity, is among the contenders for Hills Pet of the Month. Here,he is reading up on Hills Food before his weight check at the vets.

    • I love your comment, Chris. Thanks for the update. I am very pleased that Dylan is becoming a bit of a celebrity. He represents all normal, non-pedigree (freeborn) cats and that is so much better than the hype surrounding cats like Grumpy Cat who has skeletal deformity.

      I would love it if he was awarded Hills Pet of the Month.

  2. Well folks, here we are with the latest update on Dylan. Since his appearance at Pets at Home he has been concerntrating on his diet and being a bit of a water merchant,(who attempts to share the shower with me)he has now started an exercise in water routine every couple of days.He really enjoys it, even limbering up beforehand.


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