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Dangers of Catnip: Fun or Facts? — 19 Comments

  1. I have 2 users and 1 addict. Our cat mushroom will hassle for both valerian and catnip. If we don’t give it to her she will help herself. Found her with her head in my handbag because I had some valerian teabags. The other two are just recreational users!

  2. Largest and most comprehensive what is catnip page on the internet.

    It took me quite a while to put it together.

    Enjoy the read.

    =^..^= Hairless Cat Girl =^..^=

  3. Catnip is fun and valerian is calming,I agree cats know their limitations,some of mine don’t bother at all as not all cats like catnip.The ones that do enjoy a play with their catnip mice then walk away unaffected.

    • I wonder if it is possible for a cat to become addicted to a drug. I somehow doubt it. But cats can develop obsessive compulsive disorder and that is is form of addictive behavior.

  4. By the way, I keep valerian root in my night stand for those nights Bigfoot thinks I should be up most of the night. But it is for ME. Not him. It is a great little natural sedative.

    • Valerian tea bags are sometimes recommended by alternative type cat therapists, instead of drugs, for anxious cats. Our Walter had a bout of anxiety after a bereavement and they did seem to help, we keep a box in for any stressful times for our boyz.

  5. I have a potted plant of it near the outdoor cat headquarters. I have only ever observed the cats sniffing, rubbing their cheek on it, then moving on. It doesn’t seem to make them crazy, but sometimes they play in a silly way. Yellow catches Shadows tail, then rolls on her back like she’s laughing. I’ve watched them play a form of hide and seek. When Bigfoot goes out, he always stops for a sniff, but I’m never sure if he is taking in the scent of the other cats, or taking a hit. Lol. King of the manor Marvin doesn’t seem to have any interest in it. He does love his cat tease though.

  6. Mine eat it and roll in it. Even our cat-dog Cujo eats dried nip. Furbys claims a catnip addiction but Gizzy is far more addicted than Furby. I’ve read a lot of sources stating catnip is medicinal to cats. Catnip flavored Temptation treats are my gangs favorite.

  7. Lilly likes to eat it. Gig like to roll around in it til its all over her. They both go a bit nuts running around for a while and then sleep it off after. Being indoor cats at this time I like to give them anything that will make their lives a bit more fun or interesting so sometimes it’s catnip. I’d like to grow it myself next.

  8. Our cats over almost 39 years have had catnip growing in tubs in the Summer and also catnip mice and have never gone over the top after chewing on it or after playing with the mice.
    Cats are far more sensible than weak willed humans who let themselves get addicted to drugs.

    • It is nice that you have first hand knowledge and have found your cats very sensibly exhibiting wonderful self-control, which humans have a tendency to be incapable of.

      • I would say that cats who live in less than good surroundings, perhaps with little interaction and always indoors, mights over use catnip just as they over eat. There are reasons humans get addicted to drugs as well.

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