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Declawing Cats in Canada: The Tide is Turning — 9 Comments

  1. That is good news and now the US must follow as it is obvious that their vets are continuing to declaw cats while knowing full well it is cruel.

  2. It’s about time the tide was turning!
    There is no way that any veterinarian, a person surely taught about the anatomy of a cat as part of their training, can’t know that declawing is cruel and disabling.
    Yes 95% of declawings are done to protect furniture and it’s absolutely disgraceful that inanimate replaceable furniture is more important to those people than their cat’s health and welfare!
    Let’s hope the American vets soon admit too that declawing is unnecessary and cruel because they do know for sure that it is.

  3. Surely it can’t be 95% of people have their cats declawed in Canada! The statistic I have read for USA was that 25% of pet cats are declawed. I doubt it would be so much higher in Canada than the U.S.

    So I’m interpreting it as meaning that of the people who have declawed cats, 95% said it was to stop them scratching the furniture.
    But I agree it is phrased in a confusing way.

    I hope it is really true the tide is turning.

  4. I thought it was 95% of people’s reason to declaw is fear of scratching furniture. The actual sentence on the site reads:

    “An estimated 95 per cent of cat owners choose to declaw their animal to stop unwanted furniture scratching.”

    • My reading of it is, as I state, namely that 95% of people declaw their cats and the reason for this is to stop their furniture being scratched.

      I understand where you are coming from but do you agree with my interpretation or that an unknown percentage declaw their cats but the reason for declawing in 95% of the cases is to stop furniture being scratched.

      I think I have the correct interpretation 😉

      • It isn’t clear, but what is clear is that it’s impossible that almost all cats with homes are declawed. Most of them aren’t. Some of them are. That’s why I think it’s 95% of the reason.

      • I’m confused now with the language part. I agree with you when you say “an unknown percentage declaw their cats but the reason for declawing in 95% of the cases is to stop furniture being scratched.”

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