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Demand for Cashmere has Negative Impact on Snow Leopard — 4 Comments

  1. Michael, readers could get a look at the “Pashmina Goat(Himalayan Goat)” bred for its wool.This photo was taken during a tour of Nepal at the Tashiling Tibetan refugee Settlement in Pokhara on Friday(25-11-2011).These goats are beautiful and only survive at high altitudes.Its sad that their overgrazing is causing a conflict between shepherds and the snow leopard in the snow clad Himalayas.Hope a balance is achieved between snow leopard conservation and “Pashmina Goat” farming.

    • Nice picture Rudolph. Once again you come up with something from the region rather than out of a book or a webpage.

      Wherever there is business of any kind, if the wild cat species of any kind is in the way, they will suffer. It is a question of balance. Unfortunately business does not look very carefully at how to create a balance between nature and making money.

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