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Did Game Wardens Have to Kill Cougar Cubs? — 6 Comments

  1. Poor little cubs with no mama. It’s heartbreaking. I signed a petition about this – requesting something be done about it. Chances are though that the wardens will not even have to apologize. Hopefully a petition of thousands of signatures will force them to be reprimanded in some way or other. If law and nature and other government officers/wardens continue to not really get in any trouble for this sort of thing then surely they will continue to do it. It gives the wrong message to let them off. They should pay with something close to losing their jobs and then next time when something like this comes up the wardens involved will think good and hard about how best to deal with it. F***ing A***oles. Sorry, but they were just little babies and I feel it to be a tragedy of epic proportions that they did this to lost and scared little ones. 🙁

    • I just realized how stupid I sound. There I am saying they should be punished so next time wardens think twice. That basically means humans have to be encouraged to do right and the only way is to use their self interest to motivate them thusly. But actually Michael is right. The right sort of people should be hired in the first place. They shouldn’t have to have punishment waved in front of them so they can make wise choices. Moreover they should care. It should matter. They should get in trouble for taking risks to protect them actually – rather than getting in trouble for killing them. And furthermore they probably won’t even get in trouble. How depressing is that! It’s an awful terrible terrible situation that people who work in animal control and who work with animals are the ones who abuse their rights the most. It doesn’t make sense. Something has to be done! It’s just so criminal.

    • Rose, I agree. We are miserable. We are horrible. When will we have some respect for wildlife? I’ll be brutally honest. This sort of thing depresses me. It makes me want to give up.

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