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Direct a Spectacular Film Purrduction: How to Make Your Pet a Holiday Card Star — 13 Comments

  1. I personally feel that this is one of my best cat photos taken candidly at home.I use a ordinary 16 Mp digital camera and at times the simple logic of “BEING AT THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME” and decades of clicking photo’s at various angles gives me “Professional Results. Check this photo of cats Matahari & Matata staring at the camera.

    • I love this picture Rudolph – it’s perfect in many ways. Beautiful cats, great expression, great pose and then good light – nice photo. If you wan’t I can remove the date and time if you want to frame it for example.

        • Great! I think it’s wonderful.

          By the way Rudolph – do you have any particular opinionon the recent sentencing of the remaining 4 in Delhi with regard to the crime they committed on a bus?

          I know it’s an extremely big thing there and alot of people are happy and a few others who are against the severity of the sentence are quoting Gandhi and saying it should be less harsh.

  2. My Gigi is great in front of a camera – she always looks at the camera. But Molly – never ever – she does. not. look. ever. if I am holding a camera 🙂

    • You may have guessed that this article was not written by me but a person working for a media company. A change of theme! Completely different to the usual stuff on PoC. I’d love to do a card with Gigi. I might give it a try and photograph the card for PoC for fun.

      Marc would you mind uploading a picture if Gigi on this page and I’ll have a go?

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