Disturbed People Start By Killing Cats

By Elisa Black-Taylor – Introduction by Michael


Elisa titled this post: Cat Killer To Be Released On Probation. That is correct. However as Elisa says in the article there are wider issues and one of them is the way the domestic cat is one of the first victims of disturbed people who want commit violence against a living creature for whatever reason. It is a reminder of how vulnerable cats are. They need the protection of caring people. I think it means we owe a particular duty to care towards cats.

A British Columbia cat killer is set to be released on probation. I ask that you read about this disturbing case and watch the two videos. The content is disturbing, but there are no graphic photos. Although I’ve titled this Cat Killer To Be Released On Probation, the subject goes much deeper than cats. We’re talking about a sociopath who’s been described as a ticking time bomb.

Cat torturer and killer

Admitted cat torturer and killer, Kayla Bourque. Screenshot from video.

Kayla Bourque

This case involves Kayla Bourque, 22, who has already committed more acts of hate against animals than abusers more than twice her age. I’d like to tell you about her in this article and hear feedback on what should be done with her.

First of all, Kayla was disturbed as far back as high school, where she admitted the desire to kill someone.

After graduation, she went on to attend Simon Fraser University, where she enrolled in criminology and psychology courses so she’d be better prepared to get away with future crimes.

Cat killer

After disclosing her innermost desires, Kayla Bourque pleaded guilty to “killing or injuring an animal, causing unnecessary suffering and pain to an animal and possessing a knife.” Her arrest came back in March after she bragged that she had disemboweled and dismembered cats in the Prince George area and that she fantasized about killing a homeless person. The student she told went to the campus security, who then notified police.

Here’s a video made shortly after her arrest back in March. Update: this video suddenly went blank. Typical of YouTube and other video hosts. Don’t embed videos, please unless they are yours They go wrong too often…I’ll leave it here as a lesson.

Bourque was arrested under the Mental Health Act, which allows authorities to step in and help those who won’t seek help voluntarily. Her residence was searched and two videos were found. One was of Bourque hanging the family dog, while she narrated what she was doing. The other video showed her torturing the family cat. Police also seized a blue nylon bag with a kitchen knife, a razor blade, three large garbage bags, a hypodermic needle and a mask.

Bourque is also facing separate charges for possession of child pornography.

On Wednesday, Judge Malcolm Maclean made the following statement about her pending release, “It is clear that Ms. Bourque is a very unique and troubling case, probably one of the most comprehensive probation orders I’ve ever done.”

Her doctors have stated Bourque is

“a sadist with a high likelihood to re-offend and a sexual sadist and narcissist with anti-social personality disorder and sociopathic tendencies.”

Once released, Bourque will be escorted to a residence by the Vancouver police, where she’ll spend the next three years on very strict probation. Her family doesn’t want her back in their home. She won’t be allowed to use the internet or to have visitors at her home from 6p.m.-6a.m. and she has a curfew. She can’t be around anyone under the age of 18. Nor will she be allowed to possess duct tape, hypodermic needles or knives. She also cannot own animals for the rest of her life. Should someone accidentally enter into a relationship with her, she has to notify that person in writing of her crimes.

This case is very disturbing. This isn’t someone we’re not sure is guilty of animal cruelty. Bourque has told people how much she enjoys killing. She’s stated a desire to kill people. Bourque has no remorse and admits she gets a thrill out of watching blood pour out of an animal she’s hurting.

The police will have to keep watch over her 24 hours a day, possibly for the rest of her life. Judge Maclean is upset because releasing her under strict probation with police monitoring her probation was the most he could do in her case.

Excuse my language, but WHAT THE HELL! What has society come to when a person who knowingly enjoys hurting and killing defenseless animals, and has a desire to do the same to people, is released into the population?

Here’s a new video from CBC News British Columbia where a mental health professional evaluates her case.

Bourque has been traced back to several internet sites using different aliases. All of them glorifying serial killers. She has a particular fondness for Jack the Ripper. From what I’ve read, she’d like to follow his path in killing society’s most unfortunate. Jack the Ripper killed prostitutes, Kayla wants to kill the homeless. She admitted she’s walked the alleys where the homeless live in search of someone to kill, but found them too “busy” to kill someone.

There’s a video on this page that I couldn’t embed for Pictures-of-cats.org. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2012/11/29/bc-kayla-bourque.html. It tells of her social network activity involving serial killers.

Kayla Bourque’s probation order will be reviewed three months after her release. Does this mean the police observation will cease should she be doing well and not causing problems? Remember, Kayla has taken courses in college teaching her how to act in order to get away with crimes.

It’s difficult for me to understand how this young woman has been examined by so many mental health professionals who all state she’s seriously unbalance, and still be turned loose into society. Why does the judge state supervised probation is the most he can do? What will be the Crown’s reasoning when she’s eventually arrested for killing a person. Several persons, if Bourque emulates her idols and becomes a serial killer herself. No one can say they weren’t warned!

I’m not sure whether she’s gone to trial yet over the charge of possession of child pornography. What are the odds she’ll eventually molest someone? Is there no jail time for child pornography possession charges in British Columbia? I know there IS jail time involved in the United States. Once the person has served their time and is released, that person has to register with the police anytime they move and their names stay on a national registry for life.

I’ve gotten away from reporting cat abuse because there are simply too many abusers going free. Plus it tends to turn a good day into a bad day for me to have to report it. This case is just too important for me to ignore. I apologize if I’ve upset any of the readers. I don’t know whether there’s anything that can be done per Bourque’s release, other than inform animal lovers she’s out there. Especially those in the Prince George area.

While being closely watched, with the authorities ready to intervene and revoke the probation should a violation occur, I wonder if the police would be able to react in time. By this I mean before Bourque has time to kill either an animal or a person.

I seriously doubt Bourque is alone in her thoughts and actions. She just got caught. I fear there are abusers with her mentality everywhere, walking around looking like everyone else. I think it a bad example for her to be allowed to go free. There are probably some sick individuals out there who believe the time she’s already spent incarcerated awaiting trial was punishment enough. With her sick mentality, I beg to differ.

I’m sorry, but it’s my opinion that Kayla should be locked up somewhere. She’s already admitted she enjoys killing animals. The evidence is there in the videos she made documenting her kills. She wants to kill people, and has also broken the law by possessing child pornography. Something is definitely wrong with this situation.

Readers, your comments are welcome.


Source: CBC News

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Disturbed People Start By Killing Cats — 11 Comments

  1. Thank you for doing this to keep people up to date on this awful person, I have a cat and a dog but I fear more for anyone crossing her path, especially children. I realize she has many conditions to her release but none the less I personally get the creeps just knowing she`s out there. It`s a sad society we live in when basically she has to hurt another person or animal before they deem her unfit to live with the rest of us.

  2. First animal is always the cat. It just is. Because they don’t make loud noises like dogs its easier I think. I think she should be locked up forever. I dont think she deserves any kind of forgiveness because she tells people she likes it. I guess something bad will have to happen again – lets hope its not a cat this time is all I can say. What a total nut job she must be.

    • I think you are correct Elisa. And the first animal to come to hand is often the cat or even better still, a kitten. Kittens won’t run away. They are a living creature that is right there, to hand. And a person who has a desire to hurt another living creature will feel pretty confident that they will get away with killing a cat because the enforcement of cat abuse, cruelty and killing is very poor. This is partly because millions of cats are legally killed anyway every year in so called shelters. I am back to the argument I made in another post that excess cats and mass euthanasia devalues the cat and in doing that we encourage animal abuse and killing.

  3. I have read that notorious serial killers such as Albert Desalvo(the “Boston Strangler”) and Jeffrey Dahmer initially aimed their violent inclinations towards animals, which included neighborhood pets, during their youth. It is very incomprehensible to think that there are people who are capable of such gruesomeness and what is more disturbing is fact that such acts were actually performed by children. I am glad that you posted this article, it is a reminder that we should take extra vigilance when it comes to our animals.

    • It’s about the fact that the cat is all around us and many wander outside. This allows free access to a disturbed person to hurt a cat if they want to hurt a living creature and many do it seems. It is the availability of the domestic and stray cat that makes them vulnerable as well as the fact that a lot don’t run away when approached by a person.

  4. This case reminds me of a “good ole boy” case in the states about a decade ago. A well known member of the community was stopped while driving and a sobriety test showed the man was drunk. Somehow he was let go and minutes later involved in an accident resulting in death. The family of the victim sued the town for allowing the man to drive away instead of being arrested for DUI. The family won.

    I wonder when this young woman kills someone whether that family can sue the town for releasing what they knew was a dangerous person.

  5. So glad you did this article Elisa…its horrific. I read and shared it myself the other day. It’s only time an she WILL kill another animal an then go onto a human….just like the Kitten Killer!!!!!

      • I’ve read studies of twins separated at birth and raised by different families often have similar personalities. A lot of people think most of this is passed down through DNA rather than by environment. They’re simply born mean with children as young as 3 showing episodes of violence towards animals.

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