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Do Owls Eat Cats? — 6 Comments

  1. We live in the city and there are not enough large owls to keep the cat population in check so i have to trap them instead. it’s rather annoying when the cats put up a fight

    • Wouldn’t it be better if the people ensured that there cats were all neutered and not able to breed? That would be preventative action rather than cruelly killing them which I presume you do.

  2. We live in SW OK, Choctaw, and have lost two cats. Reports and sightings of an owl and eagle have been made. Lots of dense woods in the area. Lots of trees on our property. Our first cat disappeared off the back porch. I heard sounds of a brief fight I put off to a cat fight but there was no sign of a fight. At the time I put it off to a Bobcat or pack of raccoons roving the neighborhood eating pet food outside. Please be aware.

  3. I have a big owl living in the oak trees in the back garden where Yellow Cat and Shadow live. I used to worry about it, but there is so much cover for the cats, the owl would have to maneuver its wings in too many strange ways to get at them, and the cats are too clever anyway. It is a noisy owl, but I love the sound coming in my bedroom window on the second floor. Bigfoot (my bedroom cat) wakes up, glances at the window then keeps on sleeping. I’m not sure if it is a barn owl or something else. You never know it is there during the day. Fortunately, there are enough moles, voles, possums and mice to feed a whole team of owls. They are just making a living! I’m glad it is rare for a cat to be the victim. This is another good reason to keep kittens in at night. They are perfect prey.

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