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Do You Suffer From Feline Paralysis? — 5 Comments

  1. Monty’s not a lap cat, but when he constantly wants outside it negatively affects my productivity. Hard to monitor him out there and get anything done inside the house!

    • I never EVER dreamed Sealy would be a lap cat. But I didn’t think he’d ever play either. Sealy and Mandy are constantly in my lap. I don’t mind dumping Mandy but I just can’t do it to Sealy. Sealy was ignoring me before work. He was pacing the floor waiting for Laura to feed him. It was so funny…

  2. LOL – this is very funny Elisa. Great article. I’ll keep it in mind as an official excuse next time I don’t want to be the one who must get up and go to the kitchen!

  3. I have regular bouts of feline paralysis when I am in bed 🙂 I never thought it was a real medical condition. Thank heavens it is. I am pleased.

    Charlie is lying against me and I can’t move. So whatever needs doing produces a cry from me, “Can you get that or do this because I just can’t move at the moment. Charlie has just settled down and I can’t disturb him”.

    I wonder how many spousal arguments are caused by this terrible condition.

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