Does Your Cat Have Star Quality?

Buyagift next pet model

Does your cat have star quality? You can find out by entering your cat into the fun Buyagift’s Next Pet Model competition. It is a very gentle, fun competition.The good thing about it is that Buyagift donate £1,500 to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. The competition is actually for all “pets”. I refer to cats for obvious reasons.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is near to where I live so this appeals to me. I presume you’ll have to be resident in Great Britain to participate. The competition runs from 29th July – 30th August 2013.

Buyagift is a online retailer of products that are experiences. They also sell pet gifts and the winner of this competition will be featured on their pet gift page.

To participate in this fund raiser you enter a photograph of your companion animal on Buyagift’s Facebook site. Click on this link for their FB entry page. You can also email the photo.

Note: If a PoCer wants to enter but wants their picture improved digitally (contrast, brightness etc.) just upload it into a comment and provide your email address and I’ll clean it up and send it to you.

You can read the full rules etc. about the next pet model competition on Buyagift’s website.

As judged by the people at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home the most photogenic companion animal becomes Buyagift’s next pet model. I guess that means becoming a well known face. They also receive the following:

  1. A selection of pet accessories
  2. A pet spa day at a top London spa
  3. A professional pet photoshoot
  4. A selection of photos to take away
  5. We will donate £1,500 to Battersea on their behalf
  6. They will present the cheque to Battersea in person, and also receive a full tour of the shelter

Good luck to anyone who wants to enter. You have to ask your cat first though.

Note 2: to ailurophiles, all cats have star quality and all cats are equal 😉

Note 3: I wonder if Buyagift would let me be a representative of an overseas cat? I could then represent cats like Fatima in Turkey, a potential winner. She lives with Harvey:


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Does Your Cat Have Star Quality? — 8 Comments

  1. Michael,thanks for the information.Have posted two photo’s of my cats for the “Cat Model” contest.Very sad that till today i could never exhibit my cats in a local cat show. Its not about the “WINNING” but about the camaraderie of meeting fellow cat owners and sharing information personally.Have wonderful memories of the Dog shows.In this “Cat Model Contast” would get o view cats from various country’s and the “Cat Model” in this article is beautiful with its different eye colours.

    • Good luck Rudolph. Your cats are special and very rare to people in the West.

      Fatima, the cat in the picture, lives with Harvery Harrison, one of us, PoCers.

  2. Walter and Jozef have star quality, they are our sun, moon AND stars and like Monty they don’t want to be famous.

  3. I don’t think Monty has any interest in being a pet model, but I think he is getting ready to try out for the kitty cat opera. “Meow, meow, mew, mew, meoooow!” I think they’ll take him. I used to have a record with a little song on it about “The Kitty Cat Opera.” I wonder if I can find it– Monty’s meowing keeps reminding me of it. When he wants more outside time and I want him to stay in he turns into a little opera star.

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