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Does Your Cat Like The Color Black? — 7 Comments

  1. I wonder also if a cat’s own colour has any effect on his or her preferred colour. Lilly is black – I am not sure what colour she prefers but I can tell you that if she is on a black jumper and the light is dim or low you can basically not see her. I wonder if she knows that. Tabby cats are almost impossible to see in the nature/long grass/woods – I wonder if they know it too. I guess logically there could easily be some kind of instinctive preference which is either the same for most or all cats or quite varied from one cat to the next. Interesting idea.

    • Nice point. Tabbies probably favour tree stumps etc to blend in. I believe it is all about evolution and survival. It has to be. I am not sure cats do have color preferences but it is a nice thought and it seems very possible.

      • I hadn’t thought of that– it’s a natural instinct that helps to make them harder to see. I love the way Monty’s black fur stands out against the white snow in the winter. He’s so easy to see out there. I wonder if that makes him feel uncomfortable. He doesn’t like snow. He likes to get into the underbrush in summer, under the shadow of plants where he is invisible.

  2. I think it has to do with the fact that black materials feel warmer. Black clothing is warmer to wear than white. There are times of the year where I wouldn’t want to wear even anything that is black, even a t-shirt. It makes you feel hotter. Cats like to feel hot, I think. They lie in the sun until their fur gets just hot and they seem to love it.

    Elisa once mentioned that her cats tend to group together by color. I was just at The Cat Network on Saturday and one of the volunteers was telling another volunteer about that. He said he’s noticed it more than once that all the gray cats will be sleeping together, the black cats group together, the striped tabby cats seem to hang out together, the orange cats together. He said there was a cage open one day and the gray cat whose cage it was went in there and before too long there were a bunch of gray cats in there with her.

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