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Dog Poo vs Cat Poo – Redressing the balance — 3 Comments

  1. I’ve rescued both dogs and cats but I’ve stopped taking dogs in because they really are too much trouble.Lovely as they are and can’t help it they are hard work picking up their poo and trying not to let their barking aggravate neighbours.
    I don’t know if it’s true but everyone and everything seems to have got noisier these days including dogs yet it’s cats that get all the hateful press reports.

    • Yes it’s a much noisier world now and it seems we just have to accept it whether we like it or not.
      The trend here in the North seems to be for bull terrier type dogs that do that strangled sort of barking and whining, not very attractive dogs to me at all.

  2. I love dogs but they are a menace to society where we live. There seems to be more people keeping them outside day and night and they bark constantly.
    The owners seem to think we all have to share the noise without complaint just because they choose to shut them outside. Why have a pet and keep it outside? It doesn’t make sense.
    There are doggy poo bins around here and some people use them but a lot don’t bother, they know they are unlikely to get caught, they only pick it up if someone is watching.
    Then there’s the ‘he men’ who challenge you with a stare daring you to say anything as they walk off with their macho bull terrier type dog leaving a stinking heap behind.
    Yes a lot of dog owners leave the mess where children play or where people will get in on their shoes.
    Maybe some cat caretakers are irresponsible too but at least a cat covers his poo.
    You are right too Michael, cats don’t kill people.
    It’s time cats stopped getting all the bad press when dogs are a danger and a nuisance in many ways.
    But as always it’s not the animals fault, it’s the person who fails to look after them properly.

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