Dog Saves Kittens

Here are two similar stories of dogs saving kittens. In both cases some heartless maniac had callously thrown the kittens away. First I would like to once again remark on the habit that some people have of putting unwanted kittens in a bag and either throwing the bag onto the road or onto a pile of trash (“rubbish” in the UK). How can they do it? They must have completely lost any sense of tenderness and decency. If you know someone who has done something like that – steer clear of them.

Also, I cannot resist reflecting on the stark differences of behavior between humans and dogs in these stories. The former acts is a nasty way and the latter is a nice way. That does tend to focus the mind a bit.


I don’t know much about Scamp or his story except to say he was formerly a homeless dog. I am told that he heard the kittens inside a box on a pile of trash. He tore open the box and carried the kittens one by one to his home. Scamp now has a family of kittens to care for.

Dog Scamp Saved Kittens
Dog Scamp Saved Kittens
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Scamp must adore kittens. Perhaps he was brought up with kittens and cats as companions. And he misses that. When he heard the cries of the abandoned kittens he responded instinctively.


Skipper and Tipper

Reagan saved two kittens out of a litter of about four. They are not sure how many kittens were in the bag that was thrown onto the road because a car tyre (tire) went over part of the bag and obliterated half the litter.

Reagan picked up the smell and sounds, it seems, carried the bag home and presented it to his mom, Kelly. Of course she was shocked when she looked inside. The two kittens that were alive had the remains of the other kittens splattered all over them. I know that sounds horrible but you have to feel the reality of it.

The story ended well as you can tell from the video (note that videos can go blank if and when someone removes it from YouTube).

We are not sure why Reagan brought the bad home. It would seem to be a natural nurturing instinct that drove her to bring the kittens home to Kelly. A slightly disturbing follow up episode is that a number of animal shelters refused to take the kittens in. Eventually Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary & Rescue stepped up to the plate.

The little fellas survived and thrived with plenty of TLC. They are called Skipper and Tipper. A final note: the bag that contained the kittens was a Meow Mix bag. It was a large bag of cat food. That might indicate that the person who did this has lots of cats for whatever reason. Or at least several cats. Some (or one) are obviously breeding in an uncontrolled way because they are not neutered.

I would have thought that it wouldn’t have been impossible to trace where the cat food was bought (it was likely to have been local). And you might then have been lucky in tracking down the purchaser to charge them with animal cruelty. Of course there was no chance of that ever happening.

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  1. There is one very distressing detail in this story that makes me know that there is true evil in this world– not people who are misguided, not people making honest mistakes, not people who if we educated them can become better people– but real monsters. The kittens were thrown out onto a road to be killed in their food bag. They were put into a bag from which should come their sustenance, their life, and it was to be their coffin. This type of twisted cruelty is abhorrent.

    • Horribly true comment. There is something really evil about a lot of people. Sometimes I don’t believe evil exists. I give people the benefit of the doubt but in the end I have come around to thinking like you Ruth. Some people are irredeemably bad. Sadly only people can be like that.

  2. The photograph of Scamp the dog with his adopted kitten family is something rare and very touching to responsible pet owners and animal lovers. Abandoning or deliberately killing of cats is common in every culture and Continent and i can give an Indian version of the brutal method of “Cat Killing”. In some coastal villages of South India unwanted cats are put into a sack and thrown into the river, pond or stream for drowning.Villagers are usually superstitious and scared of beating a cat to death as are done to dogs and hence would pick up a troublesome cat or kittens, put them or the cat in a sack and throw the sack in water.This was a commonly used method to get rid of unwanted kittens and cats in coastal Indian villages decades ago.I hope the same is abolished in the 21st century with a greater awareness of animal cruelty and eradication of superstitious beliefs.

    • Thanks for that interesting information, Rudolph. Drowning is probably one of the more common ways to kill cats, worldwide. I know there are the odd stories from the UK of cats being drowned. In fact lots of animals are killed by drowning. It is a very convenient way to do it. It seems so careless, casual and cruel. How many millions of kittens have lived lives lasting a few days? Does it have to be like that?

  3. God bless those wonderful dogs! It does the heart good to hear such things still go on in our ever darkening world. I hesitated about talking about this, but:

    We recently had two serial-cat-killers in two separate areas of our large Metropolitan area. The one on the east side was caught and was a young guy. The other case is still open. The point is there is proof that people who kill animals sometimes move on to kill humans. I wonder if those people who put those poor cats in the road were in the early stages of that type of behavior. Stephen King (as Richard Bachman) wrote about a kid who was turning into a serial killer. He started with animals and than moved to homeless people. My point is that the sick person(s) who did this may actually of gotten a thrill out of the killing. Who knows where they will go next!


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