Domestic Cat 3013

Is this how the cat will look in 1000 years?

Cat 3013
Cat 3013
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An animated ball of fluff? I doubt it but there are signs that things are moving that way. Sorry that I have no more to say. Domestication of the cat seems to be heading in this sort of direction.


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  1. I still think it could happen, considering how people try to breed the cat into something unusual and unique that no one else has ever seen. I’ve read the cabbit (part cat part rabbit)is a fictitious breed, but with genetic research something this weird will likely happen in the future.

    • With selective breeding you can pretty much do anything and given 1000 more years of domestication of the cat and full-time indoor living everywhere, you can see the cat developing into a living fluffy, plush toy, which is what a lot of cat owners actually want.

  2. This is too frightening to even contemplate!
    I really hope that by 3013 the human race has wiped itself out and this planet has been returned to its rightful owners, the animals, cared for by Mother Nature.

    • Tribbles:

      Thanks Riverside Robyn. Star Trek is set in the future so it adds to the possibility that the cat of the future will be a tribble. A lot of the stuff in Star Trek has come true. Funny that dry cat food is called “kibble” and it is a modern cat food of convenience but not good for the cat.

      Perhaps the cat of 3013 will be called a “cibble”.

    • R Robyn, your comment rings so true. 😉 The creation fo Tribbles in the writer’s mind may have evolved from the sad inbreeding to Persian cats. Actually, in Michael’s post recently on cat ID, that fluffball with the pushed-in nose was probably the precursor to this topic of “Domestic-Cat-3034.” ?

      My neighbos down the block have a tortie-pt Himalayan/Persian that is almost the split image of my now deceased fourteen-yr-old Himmie, Kita. We call the neighbor’s cat “Skittles” because of both her tortie markings and her skittishness.
      She is no longer skittish with us. In fact, I “Advantage-II’d” her the other day, since they lv her outside all of the time. (They don’t treat her for ticks/fleas–I checked.)

      And Thank Goodness that clawlessness is a genetic impossibility at this point. But Dorothy is right, who knows what 3013 wukki bring.

  3. Yikes Michael that is a scary photo! It barely has a nose and I suppose the poor creature has been bred clawless so those nasty nails no longer scratch anyone or anything, earless so there’s no need to worry about mites and bumless and willyless so there’s no need to provide a litter box, in fact it looks as though it needs a battery in to make it blink those big sad eyes, I’m SO glad I’ll not be around in 3013


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