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Domestic cat territory – home ranges vary widely — 3 Comments

  1. It’s one thing to measure what present day domestic cats, in any particular place, end up utilizing, but that’s imposed on them based on what’s available, how he’s restricted or comfortable with. I think they’re born with wiring (brain cells/paths) that easily expect a certain range (perhaps a couple acres) and expands or contracts as needed or wanted or what’s available, but that’s just my guess. I have no reason to say that except to piss people off. (just kidding)

  2. My cat stays outside, he has a warm house to stay in at night, I feed and put out water every day. He is free to wander , mostly stays near our cul-de sac.He is friendly with all the neighbors and seems happy. But I have to move, how can I take the cat with me and get him to stay by the new house on the other side of town?
    Thank you

    • This is a good and serious question, which I’ll answer as if it was just asked (March 10, 2019)

      You should get more info, but quickly I’ll say that you have to think scientifically about it. Cats learn fast but act fast too, so you have to consider that in a new place he’ll feel compelled to find home, and “new place” isn’t that, yet. You’ll have to keep him in until he’s firmly conditioned himself that that’s home now. If you let him out he might disappear looking for what home was, possibly getting lost. Cats are sensual, relying on sounds, smells and landmarks. He’ll need your help for awhile. For how long I can’t say, but they start from ground zero and build outward. They learn fast but knowing where home is is so highly important, they need security, that it’s pretty burned in, so it might take weeks or even months before you’re both sure the old home is forgotten and replaced with the new one. Inside comes first, then you start allowing him out, do it for short periods and stay with him (not at dusk or dawn and not before he’s eaten. That’s when they feel compelled to look for food.) It would be good if you have a great buddy rapport and he comes to you when called / doesn’t run off or leash him if he’s already used to one. Good luck and keep us posted.

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