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Don’t Watch Animal Cruelty Videos — 25 Comments

  1. I have wondered about the videos and pics that dont scream abuse but in a cutsie or funny one I see potential cruelty.Iwatched a parody of funny cat videos for the most part they were cute and light hearted but a few made me wonder.

    • Personally I find a lot of the so called “funny cat videos” abusive of cats. That is just me. They are disrespectful of cats. Perhaps that is a better description. I don’t find them funny either. Me again. I think they are made for teenagers. Thanks for visiting Susan.

      • i agree with you Micheal and especially on these so called cute pics and videos, i am always surprised when i see some so called cute pic shared by friends especially on facebook when to me it is blatantly obvious the cat isn’t happy and that cats and kittens are being used to create viral images and videos so users likes and shares info can be harvested and targeted for page ads 🙁

        • I have completely the same feelings. Millions of teenagers who love YouTube funny cat videos or LOLcat stuff have no idea what I am talking about. We live in parallel but unconnected worlds.

  2. I agree completely with you Michael, I can’t watch them. It permanently imprints in my brain. It’s so upsetting to me why should we watch something we know is going on. In 1984 while stationed in Germany with my late husband my Uncle sent me an article about an atrocity that happened to a cat (It was horrific and won’t repeat it here). It left a permanent image in my mind and to this day I can’t shake it! He knew it would upset me and it did.

    Yes ban these sort of videos…

    Thank you for the enlightenment…

    Love and Light

  3. OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! I HATE ANIMAL CRUALTY VIDIOS THE PICTURE WAS rilly tuching i love animals espeshaly cats

  4. I can’t watch the commercials on t.v.that show pictures of abused animals.I know the point of the commercials is to get people to donate money to care for the abused animals,but i have to pick up the tv remote and quickly change the channel because if i see those terrible pictures,i can’t get the pictures out of my head.just hearing about some of the animal cruelty that goes on often ruins my day.

    • I am exactly the same. I always turn over or off. I can’t watch anything remotely like that anymore. Perhaps when we get older we become more sensitive to it, if we care.

  5. The trouble is watching abuse of animals videos gives some people pleasure but it only gives pain and distress to those of us who know how cruel it is.
    Sometimes people need to see what legalised cruelty really is, such as in a slaughterhouse, but to those of us who already know, then it’s pointless torturing ourselves further. We are already vegetarian and doing all we can to get CCTV in ALL slaughterhouses because we know we can’t stop people from eating meat if they want to. We can only stop the abuse by some workers there who wouldn’t dare make the death of animals even more horrific than they already are, if they knew they were being watched.
    Another thing is receiving horrific graphic pictures by post from charities we already support, they want more more more. I feel like screaming ‘Why don’t you target the uncaring people with this horror, we already do and give what we can’

    • Another thing is receiving horrific graphic pictures by post from charities

      This is another aspect of animal abuse. You know, Ruth, companies and organisations make money out of animal abuse. It is commercial. YouTube make money in advertising on animal abuse videos and so do charities in getting people to donate, as you say. Is this ethical?

    • …it only gives pain and distress to those of us who know how cruel it is.

      I may be too cynical but I believe there are more people who get pleasure from it than pain.

        • It is very sad. The general inactivity with respect to declawing in the USA, the gradual extermination of the wild cats, worldwide, hunting of the puma (mountain lion), trapping and skinning of the bobcat etc., stealing of wild cat kittens for pets, indicates an underlying lack of concern that worries me.

          Humans have some deep-seated issues that are not good for cats.

          • humans are nightmarish and terrifying for a great many animals who live their often short lives on this planet. Humans would be terrified of humans.

          • When i was younger,i used to wonder why some people would go up to somebody who was wearing a animal fur coat and throw a can full of paint all over them.Now i know why.It gets me sick to see a coat made from lynx fur.it is a shame and sad to know how many of them beautiful and rare cats had to die so someboby can make a fashion statement.to me that is a terrible way to try to make a fashion statement and offends me.

            • Totally agree. Fashion designers still like to use genuine animal fur in their collections and domestic cat and dog fur is still widely used as linings etc. for gloves and such items. It is human behavior. Makes me sick.

              • you could’nt even pay me enough money to wear something made from cat or dog fur,even if i knew the fur was taken from a cat or dog that died of natural causes.

            • I used to do things like that Kevin until I learned it doesn’t really help the cause and you get called all kinds of names.I’m a peaceful protester now except I still get mad at times at cruel idiots and lose my rag but I mostly keep out of trouble these days lol

              • yes rose,i would love to throw cans of paint on people that wear fur coats just to let them know what i think about killing animals just to skin them for their fur,but i would end up in jail if i did.

  6. I believe the point here is that there ARE educational institutions / organizations that are reputable and sometimes use graphic images, vs. unreputable voyeuristic videos that are posted for personal sadistic / masochistic reasons. The two are completely different. However, if one has a response to even the educational ones that is harmful, shutting off is a good idea. But HSUS and ASPCA are excellent organizations, and intend only to educate.

  7. You are so right, Michael. It’s not just You Tube though. I subscribe to the ASPCA as well as HSUS (Humane Society of US) and have been witness to a couple of very graphic films of animal abuse on their sites. I can’t close them out fast enough! The most recent had to do with the MASSIVE seal kills in Canada. The images are forever burned in my memory. I agree that these videos are uncalled for and serve no educational purpose.

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