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  1. I did what turned out to be a very mean thing to some trollers on YouTube last year. Instead of yelling or making the negative comments that they want to see, I decided to be nice to them. I started by explaining how they could of said this, or that. They responded and I asked them what something meant. It went on and on for days. Finally they started getting upset. They finally started saying stuff like “It was just a joke” and “leave us alone!” I felt bad. I thought they would see that I was trying to handle things with humor. Trying to give them advice on grammar, spelling, content, etc., things that were ludicrous. They turned out to be kids. The just didn’t get it. I had hoped to get them laughing and hopefully they would stop trolling my friends… I got results, but the wrong way. Bad idea.

  2. I have been this before, Maggie in Australia sent me it a while ago. It’s a very educational video on mans inhumanity to man and inhumanity to animals too and everyone who thinks that humans are fit to be in charge of this planet and all the life upon it, should be forced to watch and find out the truth.
    Not only are people unnecessarily killing animals but some are abusing them before they die, it’s horrible!
    I think anyone with any compassion in their heart, watching it would never eat the flesh of any animal, bird or fish ever again.
    One day far in the future IF the human race survives, the people will look back with horror at what happens now.
    People have to evolve but it’s taking too long, other living beings are suffering because of this and one day it will be too late if things don’t change very soon.

  3. I can’t watch it either – just the start as you said – humans are the creators of everything that is bad and they always will be.

    I’m not sure but is it wrong to have no hope for the earth and humanity? The only choice I have is to not bring another life into this place. In not doing so I am basically giving in and accepting that it’s over. That might be a very bad thing to do in itself and assuming there is a way out and humans will take it.

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